Saturday, 5 January 2013

"She'll be right, Mummy" ...

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

She'll be right, Mummy" ... (interpretation - "I'll get back to the house construction tomorrow, Mummy"

January is notorious for "fiddling with the Velocette," so I wasn't the least bit surprised when the phone rang this morning.  It was Uncle Russell to talk with whaiāipo.  Within the hour he was over from Tauranga.

Step 1
Initial look-over and tutu (tinker - not to be confused with a ballerina's costume)
Step 2
Push to the top of the drive - it's only high point we have here to push start the bike ... as always passers-by have an ihu (a nosey)
Step 3
Something's not quite right
Step 4
Whaiāipo catches up to Uncle Russ to see what's happened
Step 5
More tutu-ing (tinkering)
Step 6
Yet more tutu-ing (tinkering) 
Step 7
Push it back to the shed and tutu some more
Repeat as many times as necessary until:
  1. They have success; or
  2. It gets too dark to do the test rides outside and decide to give it a crack āpōpō - or whatever day they can.
Every year the brothers gather for the Classic Motorbike races in Auckland:
Whaiāipo looks forward to all his brothers coming home over the next few weeks.  It's always long days and nights until they've perfected the bike(s) and then they're off to Auckland.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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