Friday, 28 September 2012

I do love Spring

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!
Human Body Subway Map
This looked interesting for Anatomy & Physiology class, so I thought I'd throw it on the blog to remind myself :-)

Things are humming along tickety boo with nothing particularly out of the ordinary to report.  But, it's been a few weeks since the last post, so I best try recording something, lol.

Whaiāipo will have the next two weeks off from mahi to make a push on our house.  He's not had enough time the last few weekends to finish the front (class) room.  Motorbikes and yard work!!

I'll be so glad when the downstairs is completed.  Having everything in the lounge/dining and kitchen areas hasn't been too much of a problem, but it will be nice to have that extra space again.  As much as I've tried to avoid it looking cluttered, it's kinda been unavoidable. I no sooner manage to move things to feel comfortable when, hello !!!, whaiāipo plonks another tool or what-have-you exactly where I don't need it to be eh?!  Yah gotta love the way the man can be oblivious to clutter ... hmm ... maybe ...

But anyway, like I say, whaiāipo has the next fortnight to make as much headway as he can on the whare.  Anything achieved will be a blessing.

Well, schools around Aotearoa are on a two week holiday as of next week.  As we school year-round it won't make much difference to us.  However, in saying that, I am super happy that, by sheer coincidence, whaiāipo has time off over the next two weeks. It means that we get to enjoy family time because of course St John, Cubs and Scouts have a holiday as well.  Only TKD keeps going, which is kei te pai.  It will be nice for the younger ones to have their older siblings - and matua of course - around them.  They've grown used to them being out a few nights a week, but they love playing together and with the longer daylight starting, it's going to be a welcome change for a while.

I'm back to having over 20 tabs open on my computer ... do you have days/weeks like this?  I look at something, jump off to something else and before I know it, I have so many things open but I don't want to close anything in case I miss some vital piece of knowledge.  How on earth did I cope without a computer?  Plus, I seem to be collecting a few e-pukapuka so my poor laptop is probably ready to explode, hee hee.

Well, I better add another picture for visual stimulation ...
It's not finished; there was a lot of background detail to be completed, i.e.  blending the colours more, plus tamāhine 1 is not the least bit satisfied with her leaves (which, by the way, look a lot better than the photo shows). The good thing is, at least next week the classes will move to 6.00am ...

I'm looking forward to Sunday the 30th - the start of Daylight Saving in Aotearoa.  Yeehah!!!
Don't forget to put your clocks forward!!!

ANY Kiwis out there taking online classes with CurrClick, or any overseas online classes, then don't forget you get an extra hour before classes, e.g. if your class starts at 8.00am then it will move to 9.00am :)

Friday afternoon

.... Koro has just left.  He rang this morning to say he'd pop out with some kai poaka, but ha ha, he forgot it!!!  Hei aha, we had a nice kai and chit chat.  The big kids told him that they found out one of the kids at TKD has a koro who was trained by my dad at the Police College ... that was many moons ago when we still had cadets at Trentham.  (Sometimes when we mention a name of someone we've recently met who claim to know dad, he doesn't recall them at all ... getting old.  Honestly, he used to be sharp as a tack and could remember someone he met in Te Whaiti, Minginui ... go back 50 years, be in the Police, Lions, Marae, Church or just Joe Blogs he met on the beat ... but now he will have to think about it and either say he remembers or admit he doesn't.)  Mind you, he doesn't have mum anymore to say who's who.  Seriously, mum was not only an expert at our whakapapa, but she would know the neighbour of so-and-so, how they were connected to somebody else in another town, what job they did etc.  But today koro was able to tell us which Wing this fella was in, where he got posted to, moved around and eventually what he does here in Rotorua.  That was more like dad. :-)

Koro left our place and went home around the lake via the urupā to see mum and whānau...


Here's where we're up to with Math-U-See, as at Thursday the 27th, because we skipped Math today.  Although it's been mainly cloudy, it's been lovely and warm plus when the sun comes out it's just too tempting to enjoy the outdoors:

Tamāhine 1 - Epsilon 5B
Tama 2 - Gamma Test 23
Tama 1 - Zeta 5A

I'm so glad tama 2 managed to get his head around the double digit multiplication; well to be more specific the double digit place value notation multiplication.  It's interesting to be able to sit back and confidently say to him, "Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 were exactly the same at this stage.  It was hard for them, but they got it and so will you," and sure enough he did!!  How exciting is that?  To know that your child will definitely get something even when they don't feel confident about it?  Is that the beauty of homeschooling?; or is it just experience as a parent?; or both?  Whatever it is, it just helps one's confidence to persevere.  It's like writing your first exemption.  You grow more confident with each one thereafter.

While on the topic of Math-U-See, I'm really happy with tamāhine 1's confidence with fractions.  Granted, she's only in the early throes of Epsilon, but she's barreled along without a problem so far.  Excellent :)  Tama 1 is also confident with decimals in Zeta.  I couldn't be happier with math.


I feel like working on tama 1's next experiment this weekend.  He's up to Lesson 12 and the experiment is using Alka Seltzer.


We've been talking a little bit about the Ten Commandments, the Ark of the Covenant/Tabernacle, King Saul, and David.  Earlier in the week with our read aloud (which was set in the Hittite period), we discussed monotheism and polytheism.  Tama 1 had learned these terms with our Greek Mythology lessons about a year and a half ago.  Anyway, over the last few weeks we've got into discussions as to why there was animal sacrifice in the Old Testament; why there were so many wars; the abuse of slaves - as an example we were particularly shocked at the treatment of those slaves who made purple dye ...  There's so much to cover, we've hardly scratched the surface.

School progresses in all other areas like:

and most of all ... A LOT of outdoor play and exploration. 

So, just to finish off ... here's a quick view outside ... not everybody, but they're all busy doing whatever they like.  I think tama 1 is painting his pirate flag while tamāhine 2 and tama 4 play on the swings...
Oh goodness, I've just remembered I need to sew badges on uniforms ... right-oh, I think I'll organise that now otherwise the holidays will be over and they'll still be sitting in the sewing box !!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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