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This week we learned ...

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

First things first:  Math.  On Friday Tama 1 completed Math-U-See Epsilon Lesson 27A (area and circumference of a circle in fraction form).  Tamāhine 1 completed MUS Delta Systematic Review 25F and will complete the exam page on Monday.  Tama 2 completed MUS Gamma Systematic Review 16E.

Sample of Handwriting.  I do like recording the children's writing to reflect on their development.  I've chosen tamāhine 1's work this time ...
The above is taken from:
which I purchased from CurrClick a few months ago.  I really enjoy using a variety of copywork cursive workbooks from CurrClick because not only do I find it convenient to have something to quickly print out some days, but the fact that you can find many which are free, or extremely cheap is well worth it.  For example, I think this one is only around $3.00NZD for over 250 pages.

Reading: Tama 1 is happy that I finally bought:
It arrived on Friday and he's already halfway through.

I didn't realise I hadn't purchased it until I was clearing things upstairs a few weeks ago.  Shocking!!  Oh well, at least he's got it now.

As for tamāhine 1, she only has about 50 pages left in:
Tama 2 has read:

CurrClick FREE Clubs

Some months ago I mentioned the CurrClick Lego Club to a very dear friend of mine because her son loves Lego and is very creative with his collection:
Until recently I hadn't registered our own tamariki for the CurrClick Lego Club simply because we had no Lego pieces.  :(

Well, I figured it was time to rectify that, and tried hunting for something/anything Lego.  I looked on TradeMe etc, and we ended buying the following just to get the tamariki started.

Tamāhine 1 made everything very quickly and with ease.  She seemed to know what went where without any trouble.

(photo right) This crane was definitely the most time-consuming.  The children worked together and made a great job.  Much easier to have a team effort - no arguments.

Being completely new to the world of Lego, we don't know how or where you buy pieces without having to buy pre-packaged builds.

But now that we've taken part in a CurrClick Lego Club meeting, and I've listened to Roni Bergeson's advice, I think I have a better idea now.  Roni is obviously very passionate about Lego which I appreciate sincerely.  Having someone truly interested in a hobby is wonderful - and that's exactly what you get with the FREE CurrClick Clubs - teachers who are passionate and keen to inspire your children.

I always knew the CurrClick Lego Club was popular, but wow!, it really, really is popular!!  I take my hat off to Roni for keeping up with such a large group chat while building and instructing at the same time!!!  Nothing like a bit of multitasking eh?! I'd be too exhausted, lol.  Well done Roni!!!  You're a star!!!

I know I've mentioned the CurrClick Magic Tree House Club before, but I thought that since I was talking about the FREE CurrClick Clubs I'd point out to anyone visiting my blog for the first time, that our tamariki thoroughly enjoy this FREE CurrClick Club also.  There's something to be said for book clubs; being with friends talking about the same book and trying out lots of different arts and craft ideas Roni Bergerson shares with the students.

And something else I truly appreciate about the CurrClick Magic Tree House Club is that the meeting is repeated four times a month.  This is just so brilliant because we have had times when the meeting has clashed with an elective.

What's more, Roni has the genuine ability to remain interested in each week's meeting as if it were the very first week she were presenting the material.  Superb!!

Our third CurrClick Club with Roni Bergerson was held this week - the National Homeschool Book Award Club.  This Club is held monthly.  We are up to a new book this month and the tamariki were busting for the Club meeting!!!

Where Roni finds such interesting links and discussion topics I honestly don't know, but this month was no exception.

We learned some incredibly interesting facts about the main subject of our latest book.  (As always, I will put in a mention that I do not divulge the specifics of classes or clubs out of respect for our CurrClick family.)

It's always interesting to learn what some things are called in another country; what things are popular in another country in comparison to our own country; whether something even exists in New Zealand and also the history behind the beginnings of something.

Another Club meeting we had this week (well, tamāhine 1 at least) was the American Girl Club with Mrs Rhodes and her beautiful daughter Erin.

We've been interested in the American Girl Club since it started.  I tried looking for the books way back then, but by golly they are hard to locate in New Zealand.  Anything I did find I just thought was too expensive - don't even ask about the price for the dolls!!! I looked on TradeMe but no thanks, I'll keep looking!  Unfortunately Amazon can't even send the dolls to me in New Zealand.  But in reality, it's the books I'm interested in so at this stage it's simply a case of finding the best deals for those.  If I find a good enough deal for the mini dolls then I will consider them - but as I say, it's the books which are of interest.

(There is the American Girl official website of course, so I will investigate that a little further.)

A little while ago I finally found a good enough deal with Fishpond of all places (for some books that is).  So, this month I decided to email Mrs Rhodes to talk about it, eventually registered and we finally took part in our first American Girl Club meeting.

There are a number of aspects I like about this Club.    Myself and tamāhine 1 simply adore Mrs Rhodes and I particularly admire her lovely teaching style so it makes it really easy to consider anything presented by Lessons Worth Learning.  I also like the historical period for each American Girl story because the storyline revolves around a particular era and therefore the girls are learning something about history through a sweet story.  But most definitely, I like the fact that this is a club for girls.  It's not often tamāhine 1 gets to do girly things and I felt like I'd delayed long enough.  One other reason is because the girls in these stories are around tamāhine 1's age.  What a great way for tamāhine 1 to think about how it must have felt for a girl her age to make their way in a new land.

Immediately tamāhine 1 enjoyed herself and this is yet another FREE CurrClick Club which is very popular.  A large group of students who stayed on topic and contributed very nicely to the meeting.

As soon as the meeting was over, tamāhine 1 completed the craft project.  Later in the day she decided to try another one.

Point of Note:  CurrClick Club meetings are recorded just like classes.  So not only are they FREE but you can watch them as often as you like!!

CurrClickLive Online Classes

This week we commenced the next of Musical Thoughts summer workshops with Ms. Lindsey.
I find learning the history behind songs or musical pieces very fascinating.  I particularly enjoy having someone tell me about it who has a passionate desire to share their knowledge.  I love sitting in on the classes to learn alongside the children.

On the second day I had a flood of memories come reeling back to me when I saw the person's name we would be learning about.  My mother sang many of the songs written by this person and always had a story to go along with each one.  Interestingly enough tama 1 and tamāhine 1 became hooked on one particular song which my mother used to sing.  Gosh it felt good.

After class they played it over and over again.  They searched on the net for the lyrics and hello, all weekend they've been singing the tune with gusto.  I knew certain little trivia about the subject person but it was really lovely to learn more, and go down memory lane for a while.  Imagine if my mum were alive, she would've talked the children's ears off about the song, war time and events that happened.  So yes, I'm very glad we're taking this workshop.  My mum's wairua is right here with us.
Our second class with Ms Lindsey this week of Musical Thoughts is our continued Rhythm & Ear Training Camp.  This was week four which means (boo hoo), we only have two more weeks to go.  There is definitely some challenge involved in this class and I'm so glad the tamariki are up to giving it all a go.

Prior to this class, tamāhine 1 enjoyed the final session of:
The students were placed into breakouts and they had a lot of fun working on their assignment.  Tamāhine 1 had a lot of fun with the group she was with.  They managed to get their assignment finished in time and on return to the main room they put in a fine effort.  All the groups did a superb job actually :o) and you could really tell they loved it.  The only thing I coached tamāhine 1 on was how to add character to her voice when it came time to her acting out her role.  She performed her part really well considering she's not overly familiar with the topic.  (Gosh, it's really hard to try and express myself when I have to leave out detail!!!  But oh well, I know what I'm getting at, so that's all that matters, lol.) Everybody was disappointed to have to say goodbye, but at least we'll be joining many of them in future classes.  We know many of the students from previous classes, and tamāhine 1 has formed new friendships from this class.
Only one more week left in the Zoology 1 with Mrs Mackin!!  Gosh, it seems to have flown by so quickly, but wow, we have learned a lot about flying creatures.

Amongst other things, we learned that some insects and bugs only live for a very short time, but the hard work they instinctively do when they are alive is nothing short of miraculous.

Well, I must away and organise myself with the new Fall classes and get working on the exemption.  I couldn't concentrate on it because I wanted to get this blog post out of the way.  Pretty hard to concentrate when we have the Olympics happening as well!!!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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