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Freebies ... Classes ... A door ... Photos even !!

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

CurrClickEarlier in the week I went hunting for these freebies.  It took me hours to find 11 of them.  Eventually I had to put out an SOS on the CurrClick Facebook page to get the very last one.

There's some fantastic resources - even a New Zealand Unit Study!!!

You still have time to go collect your freebies; or if you'd rather cheat then head over to their FB page and use the cheat lists many of us created, or send me an email for my list.


The final day in Instruments and Orchestra with Ms. Lindsey was fantastic.

Tama 1 and tamāhine 1's instruments were a big hit with their classmates.

We've actually met some of the other students in other classes before, so it was really nice to see familiar "online faces."  Everyone was well behaved, they always stayed on topic and involved themselves with the entire workshop.  Four days of fun, musical learning.  Full credit to Ms Lindsey for conducting such a pleasant workshop.

I'm glad I've registered the children for Ms Lindsey's summer workshops.  Not only because the children have enjoyed two semesters with Ms Lindsey in Music Theory I and II, but also because I like the variety and length of each workshop.

Mental Note:  It's been too long since the children looked over their theory and we need to quickly make amends because I can't be registering them for Music Theory III if they aren't up to speed.
Math: Tamāhine 1 powered through MUS Lesson 23.  This is the lesson which stumped her months ago.  I walked her through the very first division exercise, but after that I left her to it.  She didn't even need any coaxing to try more than one page!!  You could see by her expression that she was thrilled she understood what she was doing.  Not one question wrong.  I am so pleased for her :)

Tama 2 aced Gamma Test 13 and tama 1 has just completed Epsilon Lesson 24.  He will do the test on Monday, but by all accounts he'll breeze through that.

One small plug about Math-U-See .... I appreciate the Systematic Review sections.  They are a great checklist for the student, covering everything they have learned in the past.  For example, how many teaspoons to a tablespoon, how many grams to a kilogram, how many metres to a kilometre et cetera.  Techniques remain current which is very important.

First thing Saturday morning whaiāipo collected skirtings and other material from Rotoma Timber.  On his return, he no sooner dropped off that material when he swapped vehicles and took tamāhine 1, tama 2 and tama 3 for a ride.  Well, it was really only tamāhine 1 who needed to go because she had to buy her art supplies for her first online art class:
The above workshop kicks off at 5.0am NZT on Thursday and Friday.  She hasn't had to get up at 5 o'clock for at least a month, but when she likes a class, she has no difficulty getting up in time.  Even with TKD on Thursday nights, she still manages to rise early on a Friday morning.

I certainly have no artistic talent.  My brothers are great at drawing, my mum was, my dad is too. My dad's only surviving brother, Uncle Barry, is a brilliant artist and does well with his paintings in Australia where he has resided for many years now.  Even cousin Lizzie is brilliant!!  I have many talented extended whānau - a young cousin is doing very well over the east coast now.  No surprise there though because her mum and kuia are brilliant artists in their own right with splendid exhibits held often. Whaiāipo has more talent in that department also, so I can at least trace where she gets her talent from.  (Hopefully whaiāipo will wake up and join the class with us.  Just in case she needs any tautoko with anything then he might have better guidance for her than me.)

Anyway, she was a very happy young lady when she came home with her little package of art supplies.  The woman they bought everything from has a daughter who homeschools her six children in South Africa.  Love it.

So here's what we had to buy for her very first workshop:
As for a drawing board, tamāhine 1 will use my old typing stand.  Well, actually it was my mum's, but of course we were both typists so this stand has had a lot of use over a number of decades.  We have a few drawing boards from the days when whaiāipo did his drafting, but they're much too big, whereas the typing stand is just the right size, so thankfully we are all ready and rearing to go come Thursday morning.

I must share our internal door!!!
Whaiāipo actually managed to hang it just before dinner last night.

We've not long finished parakuihi (breakfast) and he's continuing with the "packing" (if that is the correct terminology).  When he finishes, this will be the very first internal door complete with a door handle!!!  We all find it very amusing that after all these years, we will actually have a door the little kids will be able to SLAM in our house!!!  (Obviously I'm not really looking forward to doors being slammed, but if you've waited over a decade like we have, then by golly it will be amusing for a few hours, lol.)

I can definitely report that we felt the difference with heat as soon as the door was closed last night.  Even this morning when I came downstairs on a very frosty morning and lit the fire, it didn't take nearly so long to heat the living area with less area to reach.

Okay, one more photo and that's it:
As soon as this piece of gib was held in place we really noticed the kitchen become darker!!  Wow, so many transformations.

Before I go

Don't forget, if you are interested in CurrClick classes then register for the free Open House evenings (kick off is 12 noon Kiwi time):

July 16 and 17

(July 17 and 18 in Aotearoa)

Monday, Tuesday

(so that's Tuesday & Wednesday in Aotearoa )

7:00 pm CST

(12 noon NZT)

You may even be a part of a session where tama 1 will be acting in his official capacity as:
If you have any questions for either the teacher or Student Ambassador, then take advantage of the free Open House!! Get enrollment discounts, and even be entered to win a $40 LIVE class gift card in EVERY session you attend.

Oh, and a friend was asking me what I'm reading now:
Right, I'm heading off to do some ironing ...

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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  1. Talkback on Radio Rhema this morning related to homeschooling. Apparently a group of principals have expressed concern that Homeschooled children are missing out because of the lack of accountability to the MoE in NZ. One of the things that popped in my head as I listened was the fact that not only can anyone talking to your children see that they are educated but your blog does an excellent job of documenting their learning. Well done, not only for providing great learning opportunities but for documenting many of them as well