Sunday, 1 July 2012

Beautiful winter weather at home

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back,

Tama 1 has been feeling a little off-colour the past few days and today he just stayed inside most of the time quietly reading or drawing.  When I checked on him this afternoon, he was reading:
The other tamariki ran in and out hovering around dad as he beavered away working on the house.  I am so surprised at the amount of work involved to gib around a steel beam!!!  Oh, I found it so frustrating, but I kept reminding myself that once it's done, that's one less steel beam to look at. :)

Whaiāipo had his apprentice (tama 2) help him all day.  (He's very much like his dad, enjoying manual labour.)  Tamāhine 1 certainly isn't afraid to pull up her sleeves either.  Tama 1 tried helping whenever he could, bless him.

This afternoon, we managed to score some free sheets of gib and free firewood from our Chinese friends.  Yeehah!!!   Their new restaurant opens on the 11th of July (I think). 

I was able to do my domestic chores with relative peace and quiet today, knowing whaiāipo had everyone following him!!

The little ones and I are watching Lady and the Tramp tonight while everyone else is at TKD.  They're pretty tuckered out after a great day with dad, so I thought I'd write this quick post as they relax in front of the fire watching the movie.

Oh yes, I am definitely going to enjoy having the next two weeks (except for TKD nights) with everyone at home.  Nothing beats having a dad home eh?!

Before I head off, I will put in a plug for this totally free and well worth (in my opinion) Open House invitation.  A great way to meet some of the teachers and learn more about the wonderful selection of courses they offer.
Our family has enjoyed many online classes from various online outlets over the years.  The bulk of our classes have been/are with CurrClick though. We have a great appreciation for each and every teacher who teaches from a Christian, homeschooling parent perspective.

It is my understanding that CurrClick are hoping to introduce more classes at a later hour (ie  evening in the USA = late morning to early afternoon in New Zealand etc.)  So you may like to pop along to the free Open House to find out what may suit your family.  You have every chance of winning  a gift certificate after all!!!

I will admit, the early morning classes suit us best because we don't have little ones to worry about making a noise (well, most of the time that is, lol).  The older ones are able to concentrate, and I get to enjoy classes along with them.  Plus, we get the bulk of lessons out of the way before, during or just after breakfast.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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