Thursday, 14 June 2012

Where we read our news

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

The day started with:
The children really enjoy this FREE Club with CurrClick.  The Club is discussing book #4 this month.

Thank goodness the Club meetings are each week.  We usually participate the first week of each month but last week I still had a few kids with coughs and because TKD grading was looming, I chose to put it out till this week.

Our tamariki really enjoy this Club.  Roni Bergerson manages to pack the entire meeting with great quizzes, discussion and activities.  Not only did I register the children for this club because they enjoy the books, but Tama 2 liked the idea of doing something online like his big brother and sister and this seemed like a good way to introduce him to the online world.  The other two were happy to tautoko by joining the club too.  Tama 3 sat in for part of it today talking about what he saw and giving his own interpretation of things.  He also enjoyed the activity and playing a game with his siblings following the meeting.

Math is moving along swimmingly.  CM would be disappointed when it comes to the length of our math lessons.  We can seriously take upward of an hour or more when it comes to math.  It's not like I stand over them like an old school ma'am cracking the ruler over their knuckles demanding more work.  We just simply get on a roll and everybody knuckles down doing their best, and time simply passes.

Once math was out of the way, we tidied up our work areas, got a load of dishes on and jumped in the car.  (My second drive in less than five days.)  Compared to the past six months that's a lot of driving.  Up until this week, I hadn't been off the land more than twice in six months, lol.  Most people would go insane, but oh well, luckily I ain't most people. :o)  Today was one of those rare occasions whaiāipo happened to be in the office so we could meet him for lunch.

We no sooner got home and tama 1 caught up on the news.

I'd have to go back a few years to when I was looking for a kid-friendly online newspaper for him.  Tama 1 was around seven going on eight when he was taking an interest in current events etc.  The first online news I found had a (very cheap) monthly subscription, so I used it but it is only published every two weeks.  Like I say, I'd have to rummage back in the blog to find it, but, I "think" this is it:
I'm quite sure that was it.  I notice it's now free, so we'll sign back up to receive that one again.

Then, Youngzine started and he was so much happier.  He hasn't been able to get enough of it.  His influence has streamed down to tamāhine 1 and even tama 2.
Tama 1 has been a member for almost two years now.
We found this one a few months ago

A recent spin-off to the Kiwi Kids News is:

Today, I found DOGOnews.  Odd title, but oh well, if it works what the heck.  At this stage I'm awaiting his verdict on that one, lol.  Anyway, it was only because I hunting around for something that I came across it and I thought it a timely reminder to mention the online kid-friendly news links.

Here's one more called World Kids News - which is also found on YouTube.
I enjoy the fact my children are eager to learn about their immediate community and wider global communities.  Finding kid-friendly, age-appropriate resources is the hardest thing, which means anything cluttered with advertising is out - no twaddle allowed.

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ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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