Tuesday, 26 June 2012

End-of-term parties

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Here are the kids as they headed off for their Medieval Night at St John for their end-of-term evening.
Leaving things to the last minute we found it hard to find something in tamāhine 1's size so she had no choice but to go as a witch.  
(There were many witches and wizards apparently, so she fitted right in.)
Tama 1 was keen to go as an executioner.  
His father found this gross head at either the emporium or dollar store for tama 1 to carry around.  (Yuck!!)  
Apparently he was a big hit (no doubt with the boys!)

Anyway, they had a great time so I'm glad we found them something to wear at the last minute.

As for tama 2's end-of-term gathering I made 35+ desserts.  Lucky we were able to fit them in our fridge to chill before he went off.  He had a wonderful time and our contribution towards kai was a big hit.  He also came home with another badge (swimming).  He's pleased as punch and I can't blame him.  I've just finished sewing it on his shirt, so excuse the creases!!

Cubs is really working out better for him than St John Penguins.

(He will still return to St John, but not until he can become a Cadet and on top of that when he's 10 because ... well, it's too long-winded to explain!!!  Suffice to say he will return.)

It's funny, but we wouldn't know it is the end of term unless the kids were involved in activities like St John and Scouts etc.  We continue to school year-round and remain oblivious to kiwi school terms, lol.

Well, this morning, many homeschooling families around the country would have woken up to find their Homeschooling Supervision Allowance in their bank accounts.  So cool to have a healthy balance for a few days, lol.  Exactly what we need to fund our resources :)

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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