Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Clear-out Equals Satisfaction

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Whaiāipo worked on Saturday, but we had him home for two days afterward :)

I took advantage of having his masculine brawn and got stuck into a clear-out.  (My original plan was to work on tamāhine 2's exemption application, but I changed my mind.)

First task -- sort through our school material.  Everything was brought downstairs.  (There's more on the dining table but you get the idea).

The children had two major tasks:
  1. Sort through their own work and decide what could be thrown out.
  2. Choose what books could be given to charity.
Goodness me, the amount of bags we filled - wow, it felt good!!  We squeezed everything into the car and whaiāipo had to go to the recycling centre and Red Cross on his own because there was simply no room for any passengers.  He could only use the side mirrors to see out the back, lol.

I think everyone appreciates the extra space upstairs now.  I can't remember if I already mentioned this, but my plan is to set up the landing as a study area.  We've had an office desk sitting there for years but over time it simply became a place to pile books on, under and around :(

The next task was to have a clean up in the back yard.  Boy did that feel good to start cleaning that up at long last.  Two days was not enough to take care of everything.  The garage is still overflowing with junk!!!

Whaiāipo will be home this coming Sunday, so with luck we can do another trailer load or three.

Last night (Monday), as part of the celebrations for the Queen's jubilee, Cubs met to light a beacon at the Rotorua lakefront.  Scouts around the country lit beacons on hilltops to replicate the way important events were communicated in the past.  

Our family had to make the decision that tama 1 would have to miss out taking part with scouts because there was no chance whaiāipo could get the boys to two different venues in time.  It would have meant tama 2 waiting an hour at the end of his event.  So, to get around it, tama 1 and tamāhine 1 joined their younger brother which suited me just fine - they all got home just after 7pm.  Nice:)
The little ones were coughing all weekend, but they are on the mend today.  They enjoyed getting stuck in helping to bring things downstairs and happily threw rubbish on to the trailer.  The older kids should definitely be healthy for grading on Saturday.  It's only tama 1 who has a slight cough but that should be gone by then.
Tamāhine 1 has just about finished The Secret Garden.  That's less than five nights reading :)

Here's a game tama 2 started today ... Who Was The ___st/nd/rd/th Prime Minister of New Zealand?  It all started with tama 2 testing tama 1's knowledge about Who Was The ___st/nd/rd/th President of the United States and the next minute we're talking about Governors of New Zealand etc. (I realise there's probably a board game or card game game out there which does the same thing, but I give credit to tama 2 for thinking about it himself.)

Over kai tonight, tama 2 started asking again.  Dad was disqualified cos he tried using a separate computer to find the answers.  We all voted him off the island for foul play, lol.
Looking forward to the above class which starts tomorrow with Mrs. Mackin.  I've registered tama 1, tamāhine 1 and tama 2 for this class.  I'm quite sure each of them will enjoy the seven week course.

I'll leave it there for the night because I made it a target to get an assignment completed with tama 2.  He's patiently waiting in the wings to sit and research with me.

Thanks for dropping by,
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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