Sunday, 27 May 2012

Take breaks as often as possible

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

We'd been homeschooling for a few months when I met my first homeschooling friend; Nicky.  If I remember correctly, I hadn't purchased any text about homeschooling (except a guide on how to write an exemption).  I'd been relying on Yahoo groups and surfing the net for ideas (back in the dial-up internet days, lol.)  Anyway, to cut a long story short, Nicky told me about this book:
I am grateful to Nicky for sharing the title of this book with me because I doubt I'd have purchased a copy otherwise.  For me, it has been very helpful; just like this morning it was the first book I grabbed to help check over a few things as I finish timetables.

There's so many subjects to cover and I'm thinking of making a two-week rotational timetable because I don't know how we'll cover everything.  Math, writing and reading are daily core subjects.  Sometimes they can take us all morning.  That means after lunch we have a lot to squeeze in.  At the moment we can't return to music practice so it makes our electives a little easier still.

Nothing to do with schooling or blogging, but on a sad note: my coffee machine finally bit the dust.  Whaiāipo was kindly making me a coffee as he prepared his takeaway cup of tea as the three older kids were getting into their TKD uniforms, when he announced it was totally broken.

Luckily I've really cut back on my caffeine intake, so I'm not as upset as I would've been six months ago, lol.  Back to instant coffee for a while.  With luck I might just kick the habit altogether.  I quite like the idea of being a non-alcohol, non-smoking and non-caffeine chick.  My teeth will probably say it's too late, but I guess I can't have everything.  At least I've got very little grey hair :o) At 46 that ain't bad eh?!

The three older tamariki have now been going to TKD for one year and they still love it.  Tonight they've taken forms and paying fees for the next grading.  Saturday fortnight they'll be in Morrinsville.

Another piece of trivia.  I've finally cut out the two newspaper articles with tama 1 on the front page for the CurrClick Science Fair.  Whaiāipo has dropped them off at the Te Ngae postal centre while he gets the money out for grading fees.  What a slacker I am eh?!  The only reason I got around to it is because tama 2's cub leader sent an email asking the kids to take newspapers tomorrow night...  (Shows how it is when I enjoy a break ... I really take a break hee hee.)

On another side note.  A few days ago, a question was posed on the Home Education in NZ Facebook page, asking how everybody records their schooling journeys.  It's funny that question came up because that's exactly why I've got back to writing my blog recently.  I found that the blog is the best way for me to record our family's journey.  The break I had from it though was really important - keeping our house had to be made a priority, and although that was accomplished a few months back, I still needed a break to simply celebrate and enjoy how far our family had come.  The aim is to one day have my blog printed into a book.  For now, I plan to record even more than I have done.

Well, that will do for tonight.  The younger ones are getting fidgety that I'm taking so long.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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