Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Challenges Help Keep Me On My Toes

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I feel pretty good that I've attempted drafting an Exemption Application for tamāhine 2.  Having written three already, you'd think I'd be comfortable writing the next one.  Well, no, actually, I'm not.  The first three were a breeze.  I knew exactly what format to follow, and exactly what I wanted to get across.  This time I've got question marks.  Tamāhine 2 is my difficult child.  As patient as I am about her starting formal schooling, she can certainly try my patience at times.

So, for the most part, I have unschooled her and what she picks up is what she discovers herself.  Her attention span when I sit reading with her or we try something on the computer is about two minutes.  Yep, read-alouds are non-existent with tamāhine 2.

I think if she were my first or possibly second child I'd panic and may have reacted differently.  But, I remember she was conceived at the height of the failing business and within six months of being born, whaiāipo became bankrupt, started a new job as an employee and then promptly became ill.  Being a new employee he wasn't entitled to sick leave.  His illness was passed on down the line and we were so poor we couldn't afford to drive to a doctor let alone pay for a doctor or prescription.  Out of the four kids, it was tamāhine 2 who was hit the hardest.  I was still breastfeeding her but wasn't feeling well myself.  It was July - the middle of winter.  We had no lining downstairs yet sleeping by the fire was the warmest place in the house.  Poverty line was very real.

Sharing this information is not because I'm looking for sympathy.  Anyone who knows me, knows darn well I never ask for sympathy, or ask for a hand-out in any shape or form. (By the way, I don't give out sympathy either!)   It does however outline that tamāhine 2 is developing at her own pace.  Ko te atua gave us this child and it is up to us to do right by her.  Every day she surprises me by doing something, or saying something new, so having faith is the lesson.

So anyway, getting back to the exemption.  I've at least got started, albeit with lots of gaps.  Considering the exemptions I submitted for the three older tamariki were all written within five days of their due dates, I'm improving eh!!!???.

Okay, off the topic of exemptions ... I'll quickly mention a new Facebook page for Kiwi Homeschoolers which has really taken off since its inception.  It took me until today to finally post an introduction because I really didn't know what I wanted to say about myself.  Silly huh?  I can write a blurb on a blog, but struggle to form a constructive intro for a networking group.  Anyway, it's good to see the Kiwi homeschooling whānau connect en masse.   I call it Te Kura Kainga Whānau o Aotearoa, lol.

Well, I think I will leave it there for today.  Tama 1 has just got home from Scouts and he's telling me about a camp they have coming up.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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