Saturday, 10 September 2011

Spring into new classes

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!!!

This week we are grateful to have koro and Warrick help us with transportation.  Had it not been for their aroha, we would not have made it to St John, Choir and Music lessons.  The only thing missed was Friday class at Chapman College.  Big thanks and blessings for my whānau.

This week we started the bulk of our new online classes.  Firstly, we have:
Tamāhine 1 has been looking forward to the Reader's Theater with Mrs Rhodes since completing the Victorian Summer Reading Club.  As soon we cranked up the computer, tamāhine 1 couldn't wait to sign into class to say hi to some of her old friends and to meet new friends :-)  I just wish Mrs Rhodes could see the smile on tamāhine 1's face when she sees her.  Tamāhine 1 listens very attentively and just enjoys every minute because Mrs Rhodes always has such an array of ideas, games and discussion to captivate her audience.  What a great class!! 

As I've indicated above, Mrs Rhodes' engaging personality truly captures each student's attention.  In every class I watch (you just gotta love the re-runs, aka recordings, lol) I notice so many of the students will always comment that they wish class wasn't ending for the day.  They sincerely want class to keep going.  Honestly, students always go "aww," when they find out it's time to finish.  Isn't that just a huge compliment?

As for tamāhine 1's "acting" - well, I am super duper impressed.  She really added that extra special flair to her character's voice.  She can hardly wait for next week, so yay!!  I knew this class would be a hit!!
I was particularly excited about starting the above Club because it is something our entire family can enjoy.  As soon as I saw it advertised, I didn't hesitate to register our family and promptly purchased:
 together with:
Although there is an Australian distributor, it worked out best to purchase these particular items from the USA.  Because of that, I made sure I ordered them ASAP and phew! they arrived in very good time (I think it was three weeks?  Either three or four.)  The children and I were so excited when our package arrived.

I have yet to figure out how to purchase pins (only because of the length of time for them to arrive.)  Because we're meant to share presentations of pins, I'm not sure how to tackle this point.... I guess it means I have to make sure we choose what we are going to work toward and perhaps order them well in advance.  Nevertheless, we are super excited and thrilled to meet and share experiences with families around the world.  We were really thrilled to see one of our Australian (family) friends from previous classes has joined the Club!!  That was a lovely surprise! 

So, during our first class, we had the opportunity to choose our assignments and  I will openly admit I feel quite nervous to be working on each one.  I haven't done anything like this in such a long time, I'm really rather nervous to research and present our mahi.

Dina is such a wonderful and ideal ambassador for the Club.  I feel truly blessed to have met her.  With her gentle demeanour, I like the way she is able to guide us through everything.
Although the above class means a 5.00am start for tamāhine 1, I had every confidence I wouldn't have any problem in asking tamāhine 1 to wake up -- because it's with Ms Loretta Rhodes, of course!  And sure enough, she was downstairs without hesitation.  I had the fire going and a yummy hot Milo waiting at the computer for her.  She nestled into her seat and focused herself as soon as class started.  Tamāhine 1 happily chattered away to me immediately following class, telling me all the ins and outs of what she could remember and told me what the assignment was for the week.
Half an hour later, it was tama 1's turn to join in his first class with Ms Rhodes.  I think in a way he was a little anxious about this class, but I'm quite sure he'll be fine.  Mrs Rhodes' literature classes are extremely popular, because the Adventure Through Literature Class, just like Treasury of Literature have over 20 students in the class!!  That speaks volumes about Mrs Rhodes as a teacher also nē rā?  

Tama 1 seems to have a flair for learning and remembering about historical figures.  Amongst the list of biographies are names which tama 1 knows of - in fact, he knows a lot of detail that I'd never heard of before.  I am hoping to channel that interest through Mrs Rhodes class.  Funnily enough, I have confidence he will do well in this class and yet I question my own ability in KOF!!!  What a hoot.

Considering it was tama 1's first online Lit class, I really wanted to tautoko him and watch for as long as I could, but with the classes we've signed up for, I had to whip away halfway through for ...
This is our very first class with Ms Lindsey Shaw.  (Now, forgive me if I get this wrong, but I'm pretty sure I picked up from the OpenHouse session that Ms Shaw was actually homeschooled herself, so that's really quite a special connection for students.)  Lindsey has a beautifully gentle personality, with a very genuine caring interest to help her students.  I'm looking forward to this class, and am confident the children will move into Theory 2 with her in the future. My hope is that they make this their goal because they are enjoying every ounce of music they're involved in so far.  I have ordered the text for this class, but it will probably not arrive for another week.  In the meantime, Lindsey has advised an alternative which makes all the difference to follow along.  Yay !! :-)

And the above class was one of the most looked-forward-to classes!!! 

As soon as I mentioned the availability of cooking classes with CurrClick, I had both tamāhine 1 and tama 2 keen to register for classes.  At the moment I have only registered tamāhine 1 for the September classes.  I have explained to tama 2 that I'll register him for a class if he can be out of bed - alert - like his older siblings.  He's promising me he can do it, so I have compromised.  I will register him for October because daylight savings commences 25 September, which means it's an hour later for kick-off.  Come November, when the US daylight savings ends, then classes fall back an hour again, but it will be okay as we will have bright sunshine by 6.00am come November so I know he'll be out of bed easily enough.  (As usual, I write these little tidbits for my own record so that one day I'll look back and connect the dots.)

May I share one important factor to take into consideration when thinking of registering for CurrClick Online Classes, or Clubs for anyone in our neck of the woods?  I suggest finding out if any set text is required.  If so, you need to search the availability in New Zealand, otherwise add 3-4 weeks for material to arrive from the UK or USA.  Basically what I am saying is, order the text ASAP because you will want them to arrive as close to the start date as possible.  Most classes requiring set text, I will email the relevant teacher providing an ETA in New Zealand and so far I have been given material to tide us over until our text arrives.  That's what I appreciate about our teachers - each and every one of them have been so wonderfully accommodating both in and out of class.

New Zealanders could do with taking a leaf out of their books.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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