Wednesday, 7 September 2011

On Your Marks

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

I've no photos from TKD grading , so to make up for it I thought I'd share something else.

Yesterday, tama 2 was really keen to race against his big brother.  After much pleading, tama 1 finally gave in.  I set the ground rule for today's racing though: tama 2 was to have a head start so that we wouldn't have any "scenes" of stopping midway through a race saying, "that's not fair!" or, "he cheated," etc.
Okay, so here's the lineup.  Tama 2, tama 4, tama 3 and of course tama 1.
Tama 4 was given his head start, then tama 3, tama 2 and lastly tama 1.
The girls weren't going to be left out.  Tamāhine 1 actually had a sore foot (probably from her TKD grading ... which I'll get to in just a jiffy) so she was actually more interested in staying indoors working on her birthday gift for tamāhine 2 (which, again, I'll get to in a jiffy).
After a dozen races and with their audience dwindling at times to just mum with the camera, tama 2 was still keen to race his big brother.  So after this race...
it was all on between the big boys ...
The determination of tama 2 is priceless.

Tama 1 still held back because I made a second rule: no overtaking unless you're on a straight.

Many races later and tama 2 was still keen to race.  Tama 1, however, had had enough.

With this kind of determination, who knows, maybe tama 2 will beat his brother soon.

But anyway, here's the project tamāhine 1 is working on for her little sister's 5th birthday this coming Saturday...

Tamāhine 2 found a little glass box which she started taking with her everywhere, calling it her jewellery box.  However, for those who know our second daughter, you are aware she has a few behavioural issues, which means I can't really allow her to use a glass box.  So, tamāhine 1 decided to make her one and even added a little ballerina.

Luckily our children all understand that anything that is made for tamāhine 2 may not actually last more than a few minutes, hours or days.  But bless their little hearts, they will still spend hours creating things for their sister regardless of the expected outcome.  That's what I call true love.

Now, here's a quick update on our car.  Whaiāipo spent 15-20 minutes on it last night and thinks he has discovered the source of our problem.  So, he ordered a new hose which will hopefully arrive tomorrow.  Being without a vehicle, I emailed ahead to Elizabeth regarding the homeschool choir.  I needed to indicate tama 1 and tamāhine 1 may not be able to attend today's session.  But, as luck would have it, Uncle Warrick got away from mahi at 2 o'clock this afternoon and volunteered to take them to choir and drop them home afterward.  How awesome is that?  Boy, it's occasions like this that I feel grateful for my wonderful family.  (We had neighbours offer the use of their own car, but unfortunately I have to decline their kind offer because -- well, uh, we need a 7-seater minimum!!!)

And as for the TKD grading at Te Aroha on Saturday ... well, tama 1 double-graded, so he's now a yellow belt.  Tamāhine 1 almost double-graded, but not to worry.  She and tama 2 are now yellow-tip.  They had a fantastic day, but as whaiāipo explained, no photos were allowed unless they were solely of your own children.  This was easier said than done because the hall was jam-packed making it impossible to get a photo of just our tamariki.  And besides, it was a full-on day so whaiāipo concentrated everything on the tamariki (or translated this means ... he couldn't multi-task :) )

We've dyed the belt and the tips are sewn on; courtesy of our brand new sewing machine :) and we're all really psyched about continuing their TKD training.  Thank goodness we have two sessions off for TKD following grading, otherwise who knows how the kids would get to training!!  I've just got to hope the van is back on the road in time for music and Chapman now.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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