Monday, 5 September 2011

Ngā Poi

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

Tamāhine 2 currently has use of the jigsaw shown below.  I like it as a learning tool.  The picture is of a Māori kōtiro (girl), or Māori kōhine (maiden) as my mum would probably have referred to her as, lol.  She is twirling the (short) poi.

Makawe = hair (of the head)
Kanohi = face
Tiki = carved figure, image, a neck ornament usually made of greenstone and carved in an abstract form of a human.
Ringaringa = arm, hand
Tāniko = On her pari (bodice) the taniko is a border, usually of symmetrical pattern
Piupiu = skirt made of flax
Waewae = leg, foot

There's a fairly good definition of poi you can read here.  There is a lot of skill to poi.  I can always recall attempting the long poi and feeling so proud when I managed to swing them over my head and back for the first time.  Mum had me persevere until I got it right.  (Y'know, I wish they had YouTube and stuff like that when my mum was young.  The concerts she would perform in with many of our relations.  Honestly, those days must have been so incredible.  I mean, they are today, but gosh, I always felt mesmerised to watch my mum, aunties and cousins and listen to their stories.)  I am not a patch on any of those wahine.  But just think, my mum will be in Heaven with my tupuna wahine singing up a storm.  Imagine all the haka up there too!!!  Awesome.

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ka kite ano

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