Friday, 16 September 2011

Just like the old days

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

Being stuck at home at the moment without wheels reminds me so much of the old days, and funnily enough, being land-bound again ... this is actually where I prefer to be.

As much as I encourage the children to be out there participating, interacting and utilising the homeschool network, I am happier to be at home working behind the scenes here.

Although we had no family vehicle, we managed to get the tamariki to all their activities, bar Chapman - just like last week.  Not only that, but we accomplished plenty of mahi at home, also.

This week we commenced four more classes, namely:
Tama 1 is the main student for the above subjects, with tamāhine 1 sitting-in.   Tama 1 enjoyed each and every one.  I'm pleased because they are all fun subjects to me.

Oh, I just wanted to acknowledge something new with this semester's CurrClick Live classes:  the introduction of classroom rules.

Behind the scenes the teachers have collaborated and created a universal set of rules.  With each introductory class we have the rules explained, to which the students indicate they both understand and agree to the rules.  A pod with the rules is then set to the side for the duration of class.  This is fantastic because in the past we found students would easily get off topic PLUS use abbreviations which we found confusing (because we don't know much more than LOL).  I have taught our tamariki simply to answer when they know a question and leave it at that, and to ignore as best as they can anything distracting in the chat box.

It was never an out-of-control, abuse of chat privilege, but it is an area that I'm glad has been addressed.  So kudos to the teachers and CurrClick team for their continued monitoring and desire to maintain such an awesome educational resource.

Hey, I tell you what though .... our organisational skills worked superbly this morning.  We operated a brilliant system of rotating from one computer to another ensuring by the time tamāhine 1 made it to:
we had the laptop free to sit on the kitchen bench.  We had the ingredients and tools prepped well in advance, so it was simply a case of getting her hair tied back and aprons on.
I like the way I've managed to disguise today's recipe!!

The end result was absolutely delicious and a big hit with everybody.  I should mention that following our first Mixing Bowl Academy class last week, tamāhine 1 and tama 2 have helped make our dinners.  Not only that, but the three eldest also made chocolate biscuits all by themselves.  Just ask their little sister what she thought of them ...

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ka kite ano

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