Sunday, 7 August 2011

Term III

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!

Hard to believe we're up to Term III - probably because we still had online classes during the "school holidays," so we didn't actually have much of a break here.

But, tama 1 and tamāhine 1 have now completed most online classes and book clubs, with the exception of a final Island Survival Simulation class this Wednesday.

It's going to feel rather strange not to get out of bed for a 5 o'clock start (well, for a few weeks at least :-) )  The classes were a lot of fun and I liked the fact that I've made friends with each kaiako (teacher). Come mid-September we will be very busy once again with new classes.

At this stage we are unsure if tamāhine 1 will be part of the next Narnia book club.  The book club is now up to Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Unfortunately one of the students has a clash in his class schedule, so the class time may be changed.  At the moment it's a 6.00 am start for us.  If it became a 5.00 am start then that would be fine, but if it goes any further back for us, then it'll be a no-can-do.  As much as tamāhine 1 loves her Narnia book club, I wouldn't be so cruel to expect her to be out of bed - alert and raring to try a class - at 4 in the morning.

Speaking of Narnia, I've managed to find a free audiobook for the ENTIRE Chronicles of Narnia.  Thanks to a link I followed over at Freely Educate, I've started downloading some of these magnificent stories. 

I also decided to buy an early Christmas present for tamāhine 1 ... a beautiful hard-covered copy of ...
But guess what?  {Surprise, Surprise} I couldn't wait for Christmas, and gave it to her anyway.  I figured that by Christmas time she'll have finished reading the entire Chronicles, and although I want her to have this beautiful book as something to treasure for the rest of her life, and perhaps read with her own children, I simply decided it is best to use the book right now.   After all, that's what a pukapuka is for, nē rā?  Otherwise it sits on a shelf, looking beautiful only.

So anyway, we may have finished online classes, but we have started back at St John and Friday sessions at Chapman.

I'm trying my best to include the children in a few more homeschooling activities this term also.  For example, on Tuesday afternoon they headed along to the homeschooling book club (at the library).  They enjoyed that very much.  Then on Wednesday they joined the homeschooling choir held at St Luke's Anglican Church on Pukuatua Street.  This is great because, as I said to them, they may have to miss out on the Chapman choir for a number of weeks because of a clash with online classes come September.

Considering we were house-bound for such a long time, it is nice to finally step out into the big wide world.  We can't join everything with the homeschoolers, but at least it's a start.

That's not to say we've secured our house, and so maybe I should be watching my spending, but oh well, I'm SO over this jolly house saga, that I've chosen to do as I fancy and get the kids involved in things.  Whaiāipo is still (understandbly) not willing to give up, but I really have had it up to here and get more and more excited at the prospect of finding a new home for our whānau.

Well, I shall leave it here at the moment.  The three big kids have returned from TKD.  I had waited for them to get home to share some photos of them in their uniforms.  I've hummed and haaed whether to add these or not because, well, Whaiāipo didn't get the greatest photos.  I've decided to throw them anyway .... just twist your head one way, squint, and use your imagination :-)

(I did warn you they weren't the greatest!) hee hee

Well, maybe you'd prefer some photos of the rugby from last night up in Auckland then?  Uncle Warrick and Uncle Craig went to the match last night and Craig just sent these through for me ...

How many days to the World Cup then? .... 33 pea?  The first match is New Zealand vs Tonga.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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