Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Some days it can be too hard to bother with "school"

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

Not a cloud in the sky!  
We have had such beautiful weather throughout winter, we really have been rather spoiled.  But y'know, even when it's rained I haven't minded because we need it for the water tank.  Yes, I'm one of those silver linings kinda people, lol.  Gotta look for the good in everything.

Anyway, Monday rolled along and the children were having such fun outside that I let them get on with their jobs -- being kids.  What a great job, I wish I had that kind of job.

I missed some great photo shots, but here's a couple at least to share:

On glorious days like these I love my unfinished house and become hopeful we get to stay here.  I love watching the kids run down the back to play in the bush, spreading their wings being adventurous.

Well, anyway, the sun is beaming through, the doors are flung open again and the noise of children playing reminds me it's probably time for me to get organised with their school work ....

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ka kite ano

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