Thursday, 11 August 2011

Being part of things

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

The homeschool choir had another fantastic lesson yesterday.  {Tama 4 was asleep yet again as we drove to town so I went with my original plan:  drop three older children off and head up to see koro and borrow sewing machine.}

When we returned to St Luke's, the children hadn't quite finished so I took the wee ones in and caught up with everyone. As we left, we grabbed some of the posters (below) which we will help get displayed around the city. 
The concert will be held Wednesday the 24th August.  There will be door sales, but there are contact details for purchasing prior.
As for my sewing?  Well, it's been absolutely years since I last sewed with a sewing machine - let alone threaded one!!  It's been that long in fact, it's foreign to me now :-)

However, I am glad to report I have now sewn the hems on the kids TKD trousers, and have also taught tamāhine 1 how to thread and sew in a straight line.
I've always wanted a sewing machine of my own, but have never got around to it.  Well, now that our eldest daughter is keen to learn how to sew and enjoy all the home crafting skills, I think it's high time I gave serious thought to saving up for a good machine.

This morning the children and I went into
for some more cotton and extra pins.  While in the store I had a look at the sewing machines they have on sale at the moment. I was jolly tempted to exercise my credit card let me tell you!!!  But no, I didn't!!!!  Although whaiāipo encouraged me to buy one a few weeks ago I chose not to because I feel like I need to do more homework.

I think I'll check good ol'
as well to see how much they go for on there.  IF we get to stay living here, the plan is to make a sewing area upstairs .... but let's not get ahead of ourselves!!!!

Well, it's just after quarter to six and the three kids have headed to TKD - wearing their very smart trousers with hems that no one can tell I did, lol.  Tama 3 is nodding off by the looks of him, so we should have a quiet evening till the others come home.  While they're all out, I'll update
my organiser.  Oh, and here's a reminder to our friends about FoxClocks:
which looks like this at the bottom of my screen:
It makes such a difference for finding the time in any given area of the world.  I can glance down and see the time in Kuwait, US Central or wherever else I need to know about.  The download is free and you'll find that it's super useful.
Before I go, I thought I'd share this photo of me with my brothers.  Can you believe it's been over a year since mum died already?  Well, the above photo was taken at mum's unveiling (which is why Garth and Mark came home to New Zealand in July).

I've got the best brothers, no two ways about it.  My mum sure knew how to make us a close, loving family....

Anyway, my eldest brother, Garth, is down for one last visit before he and his family head back to Kuwait.  They've come home to celebrate koro's birthday tomorrow, and then head straight back on Saturday to Auckland because they fly out on Sunday.  At this stage I'm thinking I'll take the children to choir and recorder at Chapman and then miss out on the afternoon activities.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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