Monday, 22 August 2011

Mother and Daughter

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

(If you keep up with my blog, you'll be asking yourself, "hey, haven't I read this post already?" to which the reply is, "Yes you have."  Unfortunately I deleted it when I was supposedly pressing delete to a double-up on another post.  So, I've retyped and revamped this one in its entirety.)

We had such glorious weather on Saturday morning that it felt very much like Spring.  It felt like such a great reason to start sharing what little bit of sewing skill I have with our eldest daughter.

Although I had already decided on our project, I decided to search on the internet for more inspiration.  I came across this great website:
I didn't realise it is the sister site to another website we've been subscribed to for quite some time now, which is:
Finding anything in New Zealand is just downright hard work.  I even looked at Spotlight to see if they still hold classes because I'm sure once upon a time they did.  Well, guess what?  They don't!!!!! How disappointing is that?!  { Very!!! }  Yet there's a demand for it I'm quite sure because as I searched around there were loads of people asking on New Zealand forums where there are classes.  I found a great one ... it's in Christchurch, called SewKnowHow.  No good for me, but perhaps worth your consideration if you live in Te Wai Pounamu.

Anyway, back to our projects ...

Due to lack of sewing notions, we improvised and used a marker pen to draw the outline of our project.

This is tamāhine 1's first time using an unpicker (or stitch ripper as I've since learned is another term).  We didn't really need to unpick because tamāhine 1 hadn't diverted offline too much, but I figured it was as good a time as any to introduce one of the most commonly used sewing notions.

We started filling up the heatpad but discovered we didn't quite have enough rice.  Because whaiāipo was out in the family car, we had to wait until he got home later in the afternoon to complete this particular sewing project.  So, in the meantime I suggested we try doing some mending.  The children came up with a great suggestion ... mending aprons.
Can you see how chuffed  tamāhine 1 is with the strap she's made as well as sewn onto the apron?

As soon as whaiāipo arrived home, tamāhine 1 was straight out the door to see if her dad had remembered rice.  "Will 5kg do?" he asked.  We all laughed.  "Well," he said "maybe you'd like to make more heatpads and sell them as part of our fundraising for Taekwondo."  Actually, that's not such a silly idea dad!!!!

And here's the heatpad, in it's pillowcase.  Incidentally the entire heatpad is made from an old pillowcase. :-)  At the moment I would like to use material found around the house rather than spending money on new material.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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