Sunday, 28 August 2011

He mahi ā-ringa

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take photos of the children's very first raranga harakeke, or flax weaving, so the ones below are a few weeks old now...

My ability to zoom in on this putiputi (flower) isn't the greatest, but I hope you manage to figure out the fine effort tamāhine 1 put in plaiting it.  Ka mau te wehi!  As for tamariki tāne, well their putiputi didn't make it due to little siblings wanting to "play" with them, and Maree being terrible not to photograph quickly enough. :(

Okay, I'll add photos of tamāhine 1's current sewing project.
So far she has completed two.  Again, we're using whatever material we can find.  This particular one is made from a pillowcase and old napkin.  We're working on completing the second one as I post ...
The projects we have devised to date are courtesy of Kids Sewing Projects.  If you're interested in finding great (simple) sewing projects for your kids, then I highly recommend downloading an e-book or two.  These will be the only projects I share from the website because of copyright and of course, I paid for the e-book.  I can but recommend however that the little price is well worth it for some creative ideas.

While working on her sewing, her brothers are working on a birthday present for tamāhine 2.
Right, well tamāhine 1 is ready to sew her extra do-dahs to the placemat, so I shall away and help her set up.  First things first .... the bobbin just ran out so we need to chage that... her first-ever time winding the bobbin ...
Enjoying our little sewing machine indeed.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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