Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Classes: online and local

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

The children thoroughly enjoyed  another homeschooling event this afternoon. Between 1-2pm, at Living Well Church, they were entertained by Mr Cole who presented a photographic seminar on the Four Corners Region of the USA, looking at National Parks such as the Grand Canyon.  {I immediately thought of our Earth Science classes with Debbie Mackin !!}  Speaking of Debbie, be sure to check out her FREE class tomorrow at 11.00am NZ time on The Amazing Cell.  Unfortunately that's going to clash with our final Island Survival Simulation class.  At the moment I'm thinking tama 1 and I will have to jump between two computers, otherwise tamāhine 1 may have to represent the family team on her own.
But back to this afternoon... Immediately following the talk was a general knowledge quiz.  Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 both did well in their respective groups.  Out of the four groups, {cough cough} tama 1 was part of the winning team.  We'll definitely be sure to take part in future quizzes (and talks for that matter, of course!)  I just hope tama 3 and tama 4 can stay awake when we travel into the city.  Either one or t'other seem to nod off as we head into town so that I end up leaving the big kids to join in on their own.  Nothing's worse than waking a sleeping baby!!  Not worth the hassle.  I'm just glad the children are well-behaved, polite and attentive so they get the most value from everything.
Don't forget tomorrow's Language and Cultures Club meeting!!!  You still have time to register for the 6.00am NZ start time.  It's free and a fun way to learn about our neighbours.  Tomorrow's meeting will be about Turkey.

I'm off up to koro's āpōpō to borrow mum's sewing machine!!!!  I tried hemming the kids Taekwondo pants, but I decided I might ask to borrow mum's old machine instead to make a nicer job.  Being a shocking sewer, it'll be interesting to see if I do a better job with a machine than with the needle and thread I tried this morning, :-)  So yes, while the three big kids are at choir, I'll pop up to koro's and grab mum's machine.

We had a gorgeous sunny day today.  If the remaining winter days are anything like what we've experienced of late, I'm more than happy!!!

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ka kite ano

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