Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Attending a roadshow

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back !!!

Well, the children enjoyed themselves at the Fonterra Science Roadshow yesterday. 

This was our first time so I'm glad we joined other homeschoolers.  Our designated timeslot was 1.15pm to 2.30pm at Kaitao Middle School.
The Fonterra Science Roadshow travels to schools nationwide throughout the year.  Apparently this is year 23 which goes to show how ancient I am.  I was 22 when they first took the show on the road.

The Fonterra Science Roadshow started with a 15 minute show about Fire and Ice.  In this show we explored concepts of heat and combustion.  Then the children get hands-on with all the exhibits for 40 minutes.  We were so surprised at how quickly 40 minutes went because we were suddenly ushered back for the second show on Super Senses (exploring our five senses funnily enough, lol).
Everything runs to a tight schedule which means it's full-on captivating for their target audience.  The presenters love what they do and oozed out that enthusiasm which was good.  It is well-rehearsed (including jokes) but I can see why it needs to be because the time literally flew by.  We no sooner started, when suddenly they thanked us for attending and it was time to leave!!

It was obvious the entire audience learned something because the group were asked the same questions before and after presentations.  The children are asked to close their eyes and raise their hands to give their answers.  There was a very noticeable difference in answers given before and then after... lots more correct answers the second time around.  So the jam-packed show was well worth it in my humble opinion.

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