Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cooking classes in Rotorua

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I read a little article about Aunty Annie's Cooking School in the local rag last week, but when I tried the website it wouldn't open.  I then forgot about it until today.  Seeing as it's up and running now, I thought I'd give a little plug for a local entrepreneur.

Beginner or advanced, the classes are aimed at 10 years and up.  Our kids are younger than this so unfortunately they miss out.

There are scheduled classes, or Aunty Annie will hold exclusive classes for up to 12 people.

Aunty Annie’s cooking classes will also teach you how to shop smarter and buy better at good prices, help low income families to shop in budget, show healthy portion sizing and all the tricks and trades when it comes to being in the kitchen.

Okay, so we can teach our children how to cook, but many people don't these days.  Plus, Rotorua is not like Auckland or other cosmopolitan areas which can provide many cooking classes like this, so I tautoko the initiative and wish Aunty Annie's Cooking Classes Ltd all the best of luck.  I do hope locals get in behind this venture!!  With the cost of groceries these days, we could all benefit from learning how to shop wiser for a start.

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