Monday, 30 May 2011

Reviewing 2011 goal

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

My aim for 2011 is to embrace change and provide opportunities.  June is fast approaching so I thought now a good time to check progress with some of the changes/opportunities experienced to date:
  • There are changes with our house; some small, some not so small.
  • Changes with our homeschooling , ie  enrolment in online courses
  • Attending Chapman College to mix with other homeschoolers on a Friday.
  • At last the children have joined a club (St John)
  • At last the children have joined a sport (Taekwondo)
  • Furthering my own education.

The situation with the house inches closer to finality.  Whichever way the balance of scales dictates, I can hardly wait for it to be done and dusted.  In the meantime fix-it jobs are being worked on and with each little job being marked off, I know it's one task closer to a completed house.

I feel like I've gone slightly mad with registering the children with online classes!!!  Why, only last week in fact, I registered the children for two more classes.  At this stage they are tentative upon a minimum quota, so until we get the official nod that they're proceeding, I'll keep schtum.

The three older children are thoroughly enjoying their Friday activities with other homeschoolers at Chapman.

Does it sound odd if I say I feel as though whaiāipo and I are better parents for finally being in a position to afford for the children to be a part of after-school activities?  I refer in particular to St John and Taekwondo... for years we've been on the bones of our backsides, and although we're far from comfortable, we can at least provide opportunities now which were completely ruled out until this year.  What a good feeling.

As for the last bullet point.  My own education.  Well, the verdict's still out on how I'm coping with Classical Studies.  I'm so behind it's not funny.

My latest kick is trying my hand at:

The first class was held last night... I opted to take the class at 21:05 hours.  You read correctly -- 11.05pm.  Initially I had asked for 10 o'clock on a Wednesday morning, but then I realised how difficult I would cope with chaos of noise from the under five year olds.  Plus, I need to remember the children's education is my priority during the day.

I have learned how to say, "Shalom, ani Maree," and a few other lines.  It's scary, and I'm not even sure if I can do it, but I won't know unless I try nē rā?  Considering I didn't pick up the book at all and simply followed everyone else's lead, I reckon I didn't do too bad for a first attempt.  AT&T is an excellent online class system too.  I can now add that one to my repertoire of online class systems!!! I especially like the way the teacher can click on my name and there's no delay or hideous sound feedback when we take turns to speak.  Very cool.

(Tama 1 stayed up with me throughout my entire class!!  The crazy thing was, I had managed to get everyone to bed, but because he decided to stay up and watch The Blind Side with me, he ended up staying awake right after midnight because my class got underway.  I hadn't intended for him to be awake so late, but it actually felt neat to share something like this with him.  Within minutes of laying his head on his pillow he was fast asleep .... and yet he was up with the rest of the family by 6.30am would you believe?)

Oh heck, I've just looked at the time and I better get cracking with prepping kai before the children head off to:
Right, I shall  away and get the meal organised. They're off to koro's for a few nights too so I must make sure we get their clothes and mahi packed.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite

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