Monday, 18 April 2011

Wish I had the same Technology when I did school projects

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

WARNING:  No pictures to go with today's blog post.  So be prepared to read, read, read!

Initially the children and I started a Powerpoint for their  Active Science class project.  However, I changed my mind at the 11th hour and guess what we did instead?  We made a YouTube video.  Our first experience at such a task - and I certainly hope the link works.

I learned there are three choices for making a YouTube video - public, unlisted private and a third option which is unlisted private but with limited access or something like that?  I ended up having to choose that option because (I "think" -- so don't quote me on this -- my experience is limited to a three hour crash course after all) is that the private-private option can only be accessed by those people I email and have YouTube accounts; and the other private option I simply need to email one person (ie the teacher) with the link and she will provide the link address to the rest of the classmates.  They don't necessarily have to have a YouTube account; simply click on the link. So because I don't know if the other students have a YouTube account which would require my knowing their usernames, then the only way for it to work is for me to send the link to the teacher and she forwards the link to the rest of the class.  So it's kinda still private but in a slightly disjointed way, if you catch my drift.

After tomorrow's class when they have all been presented, I will probably change the option to the unlisted private option.  Although there's no major drama if any Tom, Dick or Harry views it, this is probably what I'll do.

Perhaps I'm wrong.  Perhaps you've used it and could share a few tips with me?  I'd welcome any suggestions because who knows, I may use it again and if so, it would be handy to know if I understand things correctly.

I muddled up the recording of the children using the webcam because the music played instead.  We ended up making a rush job using my camera instead which didn't come across nearly as polished as the webcam version, but oh well, I decided to leave it in warts and all because (1) the children giggled at the little bloopers, and (2) I was determined to get the link to the children's teacher by last night so that she could let me know whether it worked or not.  If it doesn't then I'll have to quickly finish off the Powerpoint version and get that through to her before class.

I don't know if it's normal or not, but it took over an hour for our 4 and a half minute clip to upload/publish/whatever the phrase is for YouTube.  How crazy is that?  Oh well, it was an interesting exercise so I can now chalk that one up to experience.  So long as I'm told it works then I'm happy.  I was pleased with the children's work and I tried my best to do the final touches to get it through using a method we have never tried before.

Just imagine how my school projects would have turned out if I had such awesome technology!!!  Wow!!!

Speaking of school projects ... the results of my first assessment for Classical Studies arrived on Friday.  I received Excellence with four credits bla bla bla.  I'm stoked.  It was a hard assessment I felt, but I am thrilled to bits to receive such a fantastic grade.  I was very proud of my newspaper when I sent it away, so I am extremely grateful the result acknowledges my hard work; and that I wrote relevant articles to specific times.  Phew!!!!

That same day I received my certificate for Papa Ako from Te Wānanga O Aotearoa.  I enjoyed that course.  It was straight-forward and for me, I found it easy to answer each point because so much of what it spoke about was actually where my thought processes were at the time because I was planning my future study, so all the goals were actually achieved -- because, well, I'm doing the Classical Studies and embarking on Hebrew.  They are both points I spoke of in-depth throughout my Papa Ako assignments, so it feels great to be accomplishing those goals.

The house is a tip right now as I type this post, but I need a mental break before I set task to cleaning up.  We have a valuation to prepare for and it's a case of finding "somewhere" to store the extra clothes etc that Nana Nancy brought over last week!!!!  I have no idea where I can put anything, but anywhere will be better than where I have it "thrown" at the minute.

Wish us luck for our valuation please!!  We need a good result.  As soon as we have that back we can send it through to the relevant Department to await the final verdict.   We remain positive as always, but it doesn't prevent us from wishing this were finally all over.

My mission for the next fortnight is to push through the two assignments for Classical Studies and make a giant start on the second assessment.  It's school holidays in New Zealand so the children will have a semi-break too, hence me jumping into my own studies.

Okay, that's enough of a break.  Time to get stuck into housework.  The sooner it's done, the sooner I can jump into my Classical Studies.  Yi-hah!!!

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ka kite ano

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