Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I love homeschooling

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

About a month ago, my very good friend gave our family the following books:

On Monday night just gone, the three big children and I went to listen to the author, Rosie Boom. Her very talented family provided us with an evening of song, puppetry and laughter.  Here is Rosie with her family:
They are currently on tour around the North Island, and over to Blenheim and Nelson in the South Island.  Simply click on the photo above or follow this link to see a list of dates and times.  I can't recommend going to see them enough!

This amazing homeschooling mother of six really is an inspiration.  Such a talented family, it was a pleasure to have experienced their wonderful gifts in person.  Even if you haven't read the books, you will be entertained with beautiful song, music and conversation.

So that was Monday night.  On Tuesday morning the children and I were out of bed nice and early for Active Science.  The children eagerly anticipated the debut of their YouTube video.
At the end of class, I thought of something I could have tried.  I shall remember that for next time - if there ever is a next time.

The rest of the class presented their habitats and the lovely thing about their teacher, Danica, is that she made a point of asking everyone to say at least one positive comment after each presentation.  I'm so glad she asked the children to do this because it required everyone to concentrate and take an active interest in each and every presentation.  We enjoyed everybody's presentations, but of course my old comparisonitis kicked in!!!!  I felt I let the team down with the final video cut, but oh well, I learned something about using YouTube as a medium, so I shouldn't really feel so bad eh?!

We were meant to go up to Nana and Koro's to celebrate mum's birthday with Koro and Warrick, but our car isn't working -- in fact we only just literally made it to the top of our drive on Monday night!  Unfortunately whaiāipo couldn't look at it before he headed off to work Tuesday, so we had to stay home and rather than us going to them, Warrick and Koro came to us.  As always, we had a great time together -- even showed them the YouTube video of the children while they were here, and Warrick taught the children a few more guitar chords.  Not quite the family Boom, but oh well, you gotta start somewhere nē?
Today's class was a lot of fun.  Luckily the sun was rising for us so we were able to get outside to report back on one question.  Then, towards the end of class it was time to get messy.
Loads and loads of fun!!!  When class had finished, the children carried on for at least another 20 minutes experimenting.  I'm so glad everything could be washed off and cleaned easily :-)  I'm also pleased this part of class was held toward the end because it allowed tamāhine 1 enough time to end her book reading club to join in.

Such a relief I worked out the issue with the headphones because tamāhine 1 spoke three times in class.  I am loving her involvement.  Not shy at all.  That's really pleasing to me.  I thought she might feel intimidated because one of the students has some amazingly detailed answers, but no, tamāhine 1 feels confident to give her responses.

That's my comparisonitis yet again - I shouldn't be worried that tamāhine 1 is giving short responses.  She's still correct; her replies are direct, succinct and to the point. Nothing wrong with that eh!  Why say in 50 words what you can say in 10?

The children are working on a small Easter assignment as I close off.  We're discussing the resurrection at this particular moment so we have a lot more to discuss yet. It's 11.30am and time to set the table for an early lunch.  Early morning starts certainly mean earlier lunches!!! :-)

Reading for mythology later this afternoon for tama 1, and then lots of outdoor play.  We have to make the most of any fine autumn days eh!!??

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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