Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mid-week already

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I felt like I had fallen behind with Latin because I put so much time and energy into my Classical Studies assessment, so over the past four days I've made a conscious effort to catch up.  I love Latin -- I'm just hopeless at understanding rules the first time round.  I also love learning it with the children.  We continue to use a variety of methods for the three older children and I think it's working very well indeed.  Tama 2 studies between 20 to 30 minutes once a week and tamāhine 1 has two x 30 minute lessons.  Tama 1 concentrates on two to five lessons per week.  The two main lessons are 60 minutes long while the rest are very, very short reviews.
Tamāhine 1 started her online reading book club lesson today.  She was up out of bed at 5.55 am and eagerly sat at the computer.  She managed to speak to the class using the microphone which made me so happy for her.

[It took me ages to get the headphones to work properly.  Although the solution was simple, I actually had to tackle it from a few different angles before I had proper success...  But a big sigh of relief it works now.]

Tamāhine 1 was keen to read a section out loud which I thought was wonderful.  We just need to raise our hand faster next time!!

Some of the children we heard speaking are obviously older than tamāhine 1; this is pleasing indeed.  It's nice that our children are not the oldest in their classes.
Active Science lessons are over for the second week already!!

Wednesday morning Active Science classes cross over with tamāhine 1's book club lesson.  So would you believe I had three computers going today?! Tamāhine 1 used the laptop while the two boys hopped on desktops half an hour later.  As soon as tamāhine 1 finished the first class, she sat in with the boys to watch the tail end of the next class.

The children have a presentation due next week for Active Science.  I'm entrusting the children to come up with the ideas and then we'll put our heads together to create the presentation.

While the children work on their project(s), I'll make a big push to work on my Classical Studies.  As usual I'm behind with it.  At this stage it looks like I'll be using the school term holidays to play catch up.  If that works then I'll definitely set my goals more accurately for term two.
Did I mention my Hebrew arrived on Monday?  I'm rather nervous but have chosen to forget about it until closer to commencement date, which is 1 June.

I've at least put the alphabet stickers onto my laptop keyboard!!  Hopefully they're on the correct keys?!  Imagine if I put them on the wrong keys? Argh!?

My goal is to learn myself and then introduce the children to another language and culture in the near future.  To aide my education I found Adventures in Mamaland and followed one of the links provided to  Jewish Homeschool Resources.  I'll certainly have to bookmark both these blogs to return as often as possible.

So anyway, school holidays commence at the end of this week in New Zealand.  I only know that because St John broke for school holidays on Monday night!!!  [Our children asked what school holidays are/were. LOL]

We won't be stopping school because while other children will take advantage of a break, we will have a number of online classes to keep us going right through to term two.

Speaking of next term, there's a big a chance the children won't be able to attend Chapman College on Friday afternoons as originally thought.  Because the number of homeschoolers has been capped, we can't fit in unless someone decides to leave.  Oh well, it was a nice idea, but it won't be the end of the world.  We have loads to do, and we've coped quite fine without it to date eh?!

Right-oh, break over.  Time to look at that Classical Studies  ...

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ka kite ano

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