Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Actually, it's Active Science - Semester Two class

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

We had fun participating in today's Active Science class via CurrClick.  We still had no joy with the jolly headphones and I just don't know why.  They seem to work okay when I had them plugged in doing a test run, but I shall keeping trying till I figure it out!!!

Tama 2 really enjoyed being part of the experiments so for that I'm definitely pleased with chosen class.  CurrClick certainly offer lots of great online classes and I'll continue to register for as many as we can.

We've got a 5.00am start tomorrow.  Science Jim.  Trust Daylight Savings to end Sunday just gone.  That extra hour has soooooooooo many advantages.

Now, speaking of science.  Tonight, tama 1, tamāhine 1 and myself managed to see the ISS.  The night sky was just perfect for viewing.  Talk about lucky to notice it.  I didn't actually know where we were meant to look, but by sheer chance I saw something and sure enough that was it.  Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 whooped with excitement.  It was just neat!!

Whaiāipo took tama 2, tamāhine 2 and tama 3 out to buy a few things, so they missed out on seeing it tonight.

Uncle Craig didn't see it in Auckland; too cloudy he said.

Here's the schedule for Rotorua in April. (If you can't read it very clearly then click on the pic to go to the NASA link)
Considering we've had rain for the past four or five days, it was lucky tonight we had stars and the Milky Way to gaze up at.  With luck, April will give us more starry evenings.

Okay, must hit the hay in readiness for 5.00am.

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ka kite ano

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