Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Timetables always need re-tweaking don't they? Well they do for me!

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

(Watch out for the hodge podge post ... lots to do, very little time!  Hope you manage to follow my train of thought ...)

Assignment #3 finally sent away yesterday.  Following completion I then opened the "sealed" envelope holding Achievement Standard XXXXX - Communicate knowledge of an aspect of the classical world.

The Task

Create a newspaper choosing episodes from myths concerning gods and heroes of the Trojan War ... develop and write articles detailing knowledge .... illustrate with appropriate pictures ... consistent with a STANDARD NEWSPAPER FORMAT ... and so it goes on ...

First question: does that mean I have to make it the size of a proper newspaper?!!! If so, my comment is: "You've gotta be kidding!!!"

Allow two weeks for this assessment ... well, I'm already behind so that two weeks has been knocked back to four days, (actually it's less than four days but I'll make myself feel better and put four days instead of two).

So that's my classical studies...

Tama 1 had to miss Mythology class last week because we had a mass offered up for my mum.  Coincidentally it was on St Patrick's Day.  Today (22 March) marks the day mum was buried following her awesome tangi.  Since Thursday last, our time has been spent in and out of the city, busy with whānau, urupa and over-eating.  Ranginui shed his tears over Papatuanuku at the exact right moments, just like last year.  Dad, the boys and myself certainly miss mum, but we rejoice in knowing she is with tupuna.  I imagine mum singing and playing the piano and spending her every minute with family.  My mother's love for her tupuna was evident with whakapapa knowledge, so that's why I know she's happy to be where she is.

I'm in the process of re-tweaking our school timetable because I've added a number of "little" lessons I'd like done as well as making room to schedule some time for my own studies.

I paid fees for the children this week at St John's Ambulance, so I feel like we've really made a commitment to continue with that now.  I haven't paid the bond for uniforms though.  Financially that's a big sting - I'm just glad they told us we'd be waiting a few weeks before they arrive.  With luck I'll have saved enough to pay for those by the time they get here.  Tama 1 enjoyed his Cadets lesson, so I'm hoping he'll be kei te pai on his own next time.  From now until next week, tama 1 has to decide what badge he'd like to do next.  I'm not sure if that means they work individually towards their badges, or whether they find a majority vote.  I also didn't know that once you pay for their fees, your child will have their name called out during roll call.  Because of this, tama 2 didn't say "boo" when his name was announced.  He didn't know, and to be honest, neither did I, so I felt rather peeved about that.  But oh well, chalk that up to experience.

So, I'm about halfway through re-tweaking the timetable.  I'm trying my best to think ahead.  I've got to remember that next term (depending on subjects offered) the children will spend Friday afternoons at Chapman College.

House update

Without raising everyone's hopes too much, I feel confident in saying we've secured our house.  The bank have given us a list of "conditions" -- all achievable as far as we're concerned.  However, until it's all submitted to the bank and they give that final nod, we can't get too excited.  But it does seem like Fate is on our side.  Actually, I could write an article for our newspaper about Fate.  Hmm, that might make a good idea.

Right, I am off to brainstorm ...

Oh, one last thing before I go.  Erena from LearnEx will be in Rotorua on 31 March at Chapman College between 10am and 1pm.  I'm picking up my MUS material (and something else but I can't remember what it is now), lol.  Looking forward to meeting her for the first time ever.  I look forward to seeing what other material LearnEx brings too.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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