Friday, 25 March 2011

Our morning started with a bang!

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Quite literally, our day did start with a bang.  The children and I were nearing the end of breakfast when a truck drove past.  Within seconds we heard "BANG!!"  I imagined the worst .... so I ran out the front door and up the driveway.  As I did I could see a puff of dust - not flames or such like - just a billowing cloud of dirt/dust.  When I looked down the road I could see a truck driver running back towards his "load" which had careered clean off the trailer.

A huge slab of concrete lay on the ground.  My neighbours were at the top of their driveways also.  We acknowledged to each other that we were okay.  As I spoke to one neighbour a little later, he explained he was running a few minutes late to get to a job.  He could quite easily have been sitting at the top of the drive when everything came off the passing truck.

The first steel arm must have come off right outside our place.  If you notice where I have the pink arrow, that is EXACTLY where my neighbour would have been sitting in his van!!!!  Can you belive that?!
To get an appreciation of the size (and imagine the weight), and the strength it had to stay in one piece:
The children dragged their heels to do any kura after this!!  But, it is a learning exercise by itself, so we made the most of discussing lots of things from it.

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ka kite ano

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