Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Love Currclick

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

There's lots and lots of things I like about CurrClick awesome lesson resources at amazing discounted prices, freebies, live classes and webinars like this one which I participated in this afternoon in the Get-Fit-A-Thon.
We're trying to record our "miles" as frequently as possible, but I think I'll need to make reminders on the calendar to give me that needed visual prompt, lol.
Following this webinar, I set up a Ning account for tama 1:-
Not sure how we go about using Ning just yet.  Perhaps you, or your children have Ning accounts?  What do you think of them?
At the completion of one of his classes today, I allowed tama 1 to Skype with two of his classmates.  They stayed on topic for all of 10-15 minutes, then the fun of playing a game against someone else was new and exciting.

They probably communicated for an hour (or perhaps it felt that long for me!), but I wasn't far away.  He had to use my laptop because the desktops didn't like the webcam.  Not sure why that was, but at least I could use the excuse I needed my laptop back to get them off the machine!!  I also let him "make friends" because well, they don't go to school, so this is one form of socialisation.  I was also working on a computer download issue on and off throughout the day, and with all the banging and clanging that was happening on our roof (whaiāipo is trying to finish the roof), it gave the children an early lunch break while I got on with finding a solution to the computer hiccup.  I think I figured it out so I sent a message on good ol' FB, so hopefully we'll have a new link tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have my next webinar to participate in:
I'll be enjoying this as I munch on breakfast tomorrow :-)

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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