Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And you wonder why I never get my work done ...

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

Last night was chaotic around our place what with phone calls, unexpected visitors, whaiāipo having to "go see a bloke about a job" et cetera.   All this busy-busy had me frustrated that I made little progress with my studies.  So this morning I thought I'd record a little of how it runs in this place to identify "why" I don't seem to get very far with my own studies ...

First thing this morning I checked my class:

It looks as though there are 144 students taking the Classical Studies paper.
I felt surprised there were so many students studying it - well, via correspondence that is.

So glad I was finally able to tap into the OTLE - Online Teaching and Learning Environment - not just to discover how many students are enrolled in the same class, but to check if there are any important details from our magistra  or magsiter - I don't know if it's male or female yet!! hence magistra/magister.  No messages, so that's fine.  There's a long list of details about the course though with a bunch of links which will be useful at each relevant stage.  I printed out the sample study timetable and I shall endeavour to keep on track with that as best as I can.

Other than a new router which I need to set up still, I also received in the mail today:

With a bit of luck I will receive the following in the next week:
Hopefully they have been a good investment.  I call them my birthday presents.  Granted, that's not till the end of the month, but I choose to use that excuse.  Plus, I know the books will not only benefit myself, but the children also, therefore I don't feel bad about parting with money to buy such things.

So much for me getting the first assignment cracked by the 31st of January.  That intention went flying out the window.  I'm only halfway through if I'm honest.  Oh well, I've at least typed out every question so now it's simply a matter of filling in the gaps.  I want to push through the first two assignments because the third and fourth are on mythology.  I'd like to get to those so I'm working in-line with what tama 1 is studying.  Well, that's the goal: Push through and try to be studying the same topic as tama 1.

My kaitiaki for Te Wananga o Aotearoa will be picking up my last assignment for the Papa Ako course this morning.  In fact, she'll be here within the hour.

My start to the morning has been shocking so far:  Let's see, I kicked back and watched "Inkheart" with the two eldest as we ate breakfast while checking emails, chatted on Skype and contacted whaiāipo regarding house matters.  With regard to the latter, he has handed everything in to the bank now, so fingers crossed we have good news forthcoming.

My friend just popped in for our usual natter.  She's now third in the country for waka ama women's single rowers.  I look at her and feel envious of her healthy figure and outstanding accomplishment.  She kindly remarked I am looking great -- hard to accept the compliment when I feel like I'm nowhere near my ideal size or shape.  But anyway, the point I'm making, is that it's now 10.45, only 15 minutes before Tilly arrives for my assignment and yet I've done very little around the house, let alone start my studies.

... It's fast approaching 1.30pm now and my whāngai has just found out that his uncle has died, so he will be heading off with his dad and brother down the line to Taihape.  I'm sad because I don't know when we'll see our boy again.  He may end up there indefinitely to help run the farm.  I can't begrudge the family needing all hands on deck now, so I'm selfish in thinking I'll miss him... but even so, I'll still miss having him near ...

Anyway, I've since fed the troops after having a long, long talk with Tilly.  She told me a little about the Bahá'í Faith which was awesome -- no, she didn't broach the subject - I did.  Glad I asked her about it.  I find religions very interesting.

I've also heard from my lawyer; he has his copy of the papers now.  Excellent.  Just need to hear from the bank...

And now it's 2.00pm.  Time to do "something" related to my studies.  My sister-in-law has come home to New Zealand for a few days and is on her way down from Auckland to see us. Argh!! I better get my A into G so that I can catch up with her.

How's your day panning out so far?

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano