Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tama 1 takes his first online class

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

We had a very exciting start to our day, today -- a new class.

Here's a screenshot of the Roman and Greek Mythology class before the students logged in :)
Roman and Greek Mythology is to be held once a week for the next 15 weeks.

Might I just say, tama 1 was quite the novelty: the only student outside the USA, and all the way from New Zealand nonetheless :-)

Fortunately, I arranged with Uncle Craig around 11 o'clock LAST NIGHT, to come out to us before class commenced to help with our tamariki.  SOOOOOOO glad I did.  (Soooooooooo glad he is still here on holiday this week!!!)

For today's (first) class, I decided to organise a desk upstairs for him:
Being his very first class with other students (as in like, you know, not his siblings) I can tell you he felt slightly overwhelmed as the other students started entering class, but  Magistra Sheppard is just sooooooo absolutely delightful that she had him in the palm of her hand guiding him through the class.  Thank you Magistra.

One of the neat tricks I learned about this type of schooling is that the class is recorded.  This means we can watch it back and pick up any relevant details missed during the live class.  Question:  Can you do that when you go to "regular" school?

Before I go, I wanted to pop the next photo in.  Tama 1 with his Koro.  Dad came out for a visit yesterday and one of the smaller dictionaries happened to be sitting out on the couch.  Dad grabbed it and started discussing a few things with tama 1.
Moments like this are even more precious and important to me than ever before.  Not so long ago, my mum was here looking after our kids while I worked....

Plus, moments like this also give a pictorial explanation as to why I didn't prevent myself from signing tama 1 in the mythology class.  I could probably have justified it was too expensive at the moment - especially when the price is converted to New Zealand Dollars, however, I live more for today than ever before because life is short.  What's the point of putting anything off?  Life is unpredictable.

Anyway, today was a great, great day.

Now I'm wondering when my own coursework will arrive?  I'm keen to study again.  What a very exciting start to the year.

Will try to share more again soon.

Thanks for dropping
ka kite ano

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