Thursday, 20 January 2011

Playtime learning

Nau mai, hoki mai - and welcome back!

The children are making the most of swimming and playing outdoors until the sun goes down each day.  Other than tama 1 starting his mythology class last week, we have been enjoying the holidays with little thought to school work.  But today, while the three older children were at the beach, I took the opportunity to snap some photographs of  a few things the children have made as part of their playtime...

I had to ask the children if there was such a thing as the Pacific League!!  ... the answer is no, they came up with it all on their own.  They looked so official sitting at their "cabinet desks." 

Following are some Māori waka made by tama 1.

Tama 2 drew New Zealand (Aotearoa) freehand, and made our national flag with a little help from tama 3.

I missed out on the Parthenon which the children made out of wood blocks while playing in the shed, so tama 1 decided to make it out of cardboard for me.

I love the ideas they come up with in their play.

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