Monday, 31 January 2011

Keep asking those questions, tama 2

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

Tama 2 (age: 6 years 2 months) lost a second tooth just a few days ago and as I looked at him feeling happy/sad that our boy is getting bigger, I started to remember he has been asking whaiāipo a number of questions when heading out in the family car.  I figure now is a good time to try and remember some to jot down here:

The first question was posed about two weekends ago:

Tama 2: "How do people get made? Who makes people? Does the earth make people?"
Whaiāipo: "No,"
Tama 2: "Well, who makes people then?"

.... When I asked whaiāipo how he handled it, he admitted he by-passed the answer (this time) ....

Yesterday they headed out again:

Tama 2: Who makes wood?  Does the earth make wood?"
Whaiāipo: "Yes. The earth makes the trees and the people cut the trees down and mill the timber."
Tama 2: "So the earth makes the people too then?"

Tama 2: "Why would a farmer kill a chicken? A chicken lays eggs. That would be silly cos then he wouldn’t have any eggs."

Tama 2: "Why would a farmer kill a cow? Cos then he wouldn’t have any milk."

Tama 2: "Why would a farmer kill a pig? Cos then he wouldn’t have anyone to eat his scraps." (I particularly love this one because of course he associates food scraps with our own pigs ... cute!)

Those are all the questions whaiāipo could remember.  I wanted to record them for ourselves -- but now you get to have a giggle too :-)

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ka kite ano

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