Monday, 15 November 2010

Mid-November ALREADY?!!

Over the past few weeks I have written, re-written and deleted posts.  (I seem to be very good at that -- making drafts, only to decide to delete them, LOL!!)

Each time I come back I decide to delete and start again because I just think, "argh! it's so boring!!"  But the reality is, our days/weeks have been very mundane, run-of-the-mill, nuts-and-bolts, everyday schooling.  We haven't ventured anywhere in particular, per se.  We have had a number of manuhiri though, so I guess I can put a check mark in the"socialisation" box.

But anyway, I need to record our mahi no matter what, so okay, here comes the "boring-for-others-but-not-for-me" side of things.

{Hey, I've at least thrown in some illustrations to snazzy it up a little, LOL !!}


As always, we use Math to begin the day -- but rather than three Math-U-See texts, it 's been only one. Tama 1 and tama 2 are using Math Mammoth ...

Tama 2 completed his Additions workbook Friday just gone:

This was a fun workbook for sure. I know I've mentioned before that it was probably on the easy side, but I'm glad we started with it because I've had time to understand how Math Mammoth is laid out. Another advantage in using the above workbook, was that I could leave tama 2 to get on with his lesson when needed elsewhere without him sitting there twiddling his thumbs.

Having completed that workbook, we made a start with this next Blue Series workbook today:

Tama 2 needed assistance today.  There's a definite gear change with this particular workbook -- which is a good thing!!!

As for Tama 1, well, he has made a great start with his fractions lessons using:

In a way I'm not in a hurry to receive Math-U-See Epsilon, because I'm enjoying this different style of workbook.  That DOES NOT MEAN I've gone off MUS -- heck no!!!  I'm just glad I have a fantastic supplement to our regular math.

Three positive points for Math Mammoth:
  • value for money
  • immediate download and 
  • variety of exercises


Tama 1 continues with his story for NaNoWriMo. He's making good progress -- I'm really looking forward to the end of the month to see just how well he does. It's very exciting.

As for cursive and manuscript writing; well, everyone is doing beautifully... not really much more I can say about that subject, LOL.


I finally know what predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives are!!! Better still, tama 1 understands them too!!!!  I sat down with just tama 1 this afternoon to see if he would understand and yay! he did.  I will sit down with tamāhine 1 tomorrow to try and teach her what they are too.  I think that every time we learn new grammar which I, myself, find difficult then it may pay for me to teach them one at a time so that they get the one-on-one -- after all, isn't that why I homeschool?


Well, the hour is now very late for me so I think I will close off at this point, but I will leave you with a reminder to note your diaries for this:

With a bit of luck I'll achieve another posting in the next few days.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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