Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Our first History lesson with tama 2

Sorry there's no pictures today to make this post attractive but blogger has a message appearing to say image uploads will be disabled for a few hours, but rather than leaving it till tomorrow, I decided, ah well, it's really only to record one lesson for my own records anyway ...

World History went well this afternoon with a return to Story of the World.
{ We went off on another tangent -- or six -- with history, but we're back to using SOTW as our staple text; not because of funds holding me back from purchasing another, but because I like it. I just didn't commit properly -- I guess I'm saying I'm ready to make a commitment now.}
From today, tama 2 has joined the class and I'm hoping he enjoys it. The first few lessons will be the learning curve for all of us. I will have to cope with teaching multi-level -- yowza! That's gonna be interesting. I really do hope I can find a groove that fits us all sooner rather than later. I remind myself that if other mums have done it/can do it, then so can I.

We began with defining what we think history actually is ... How can we learn things about our own history? ... What about our parents, grandparents etc? To help me out, I leaned forward and opened the photos folder on the laptop. { The kids were sitting around me on one of the lounge chairs as we read, so it was convenient the laptop was sitting in front of me.}

It felt great to simply click a few buttons and point out my mum as a little girl, and my nana and relate our discussions to the photos. There were a few things that came up in conversation which I was able to illustrate through the use of the photo albums. That felt so good I surprised myself !!

Then we learned the word archaeologist. That's a toughy to pronounce for sure. To aid his learning I had the big kids run through an online resource. Although tama 2 remembers using this resource with his siblings before, I had them run through it again in the hopes that it (again) helped to illustrate our lesson. For the most part, yes it did, so we will discuss things further when we have our next class.

... While tama 2 had a break, I sat with tama 1 and had him read Chapter 11 - Ancient Africa. He read the sections about the Ancient Peoples of West Africa and also the fables of Anansi. Then I used the quiz in the Activity Guide which I've not done before. His narration from the fables was pretty good. I'll definitely have to use the AG from now on.

That's probably all I wanted to record from our lesson. It went very well considering I used it as a wee tester to see how I coped running a multi-level class. I think it's going to work out fine because the AG has something to use for everyone and I think the way the text is written will reach tama 2 without losing him ... well, that's what I'm pickin' -- I guess we'll revisit that thinking in a few weeks to see if I'm right, huh?

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