Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Labour Weekend was so relaxing and rejuvenating

Apologies if anyone has already read the bulk of this post. I must have accidentally pushed publish post instead of save now. So if you're wondering why you've got the same post showing, that's because this is the correct version!!! Sorry about that!!

Waiting for Labour Weekend felt like an eternity, but when it finally arrived, oh my goodness it was wonderful to have whaiāipo home!! Considering he worked on Saturday, it wasn't exactly the long weekend one would have really liked, but nevertheless, we had a fantastic two full days as a family. The weather was just amazing!! so who could ask for more?!

It's pretty hard to come back down to earth after great weekends isn't it?!

Hei aha, look at the positive: we have a short week now! LOL

I had a particularly busy start yesterday morning; we went into the city to get tama 2's birth certificate photocopied, then double triple checked everything was enclosed and signed on the Exemption Application before sealing the envelope shut. Although I'm confident I've done a good job on his Exemption, I still had a slight panic just before sealing the envelope, ie "have I signed everything? included everything? will it arrive at MoE or get lost in the mail?"

With each exemption I always think to myself, "I wish they'd send me a complimentary slip to confirm they've received it." It would put my mind at ease because then I'd know it's at least reached its destination. Instead I have that moment's hesitation and allow panic/worry to seep in for no good reason.

I also popped in to see my old boss to get him to witness the Homeschooling Allowance forms and discuss the situation with the house. I caught up with the latest gossip ... biggest goss of all is that my old boss has sold his practice and will be a barrister. Wow, that was a surprise, and yet not really.

I looked around and for a split second I missed the place ... and then thought, "nah!"

I happily bid everone ka kite, skipped downstairs to the kids and left the city. I decided to post the exemption and allowance forms at Te Ngae Postshop, and as I stood in front of the mail box, I again had that moment's hesitation, asking myself if everything was filled in correctly!? (Crazy waste of energy eh?! LOL)

Anyway, the rest of the day was filled with handwriting and math and reading. We didn't do any Latin due to losing half a day but as long as we cover the basics, then I'm happy. Tama 1 read the news on Youngzine. He laughed at a comment made by someone at the end of The Future, Driveless Cars, Smart Eye Glasses article. It's fun to have him read and understand news articles, being able to relate it to other information he knows and then laugh at someone else's comments because he understands it without me having to explain what things are about, and how something is funny because ... Yes, it's a sign he's getting bigger and brighter. As he read another article about Benoit Mandelbrot, we ended up having a discussion about fractals. Actually, the conversation got started when he was reading about The Gifted Child: "That's interesting," tama 1 said, "he (Mandelbrot) was born in Poland and moved to France just like Madame Marie Curie."

Seriously, tama 1 teaches me more than I teach him!!!

So, it's Wednesday today and we'll have another interruption to our school day because I want to get into the city to The Warehouse Stationery. When I was in there yesterday I asked how much binding would cost, for say 100 sheets. The young guy was helpful and headed off to check a price. He said it would be about $5 and my little brain started thinking of the things
I print out and I thought, 'yes, I do have a use for this service.'
One of the things I will get bound are the sheets I printed out this morning - 2x Math Mammoth books. For a while now I've been wondering about using Math Mammoth (as a supplement to Math-U-See; for tama 2 in particular) and well, to cut a long story short, I decided to buy a couple of books at this stage -- Clock and Addition 1. Although the latter is probably too easy, I decided to get that one so he could do a few pages for practice to understand how Math Mammoth works, and once I know he has the hang of it, I can leave it ready for tamāhine 2 in the near future. As for the clock, tama 2 and tamāhine 1 both need to practice learning the time. For about $5 I can get them spiral bound which will make it easier to work with (and store); rather than putting them into a chunky folder, I decided I'd prefer spiral bind instead. Hence, we will head into the city this afternoon to get that done. We may time it right to go to the library also.

Tama 1 has completed Lesson 30C (Delta) today. I received a newsletter from LearnEx today advising there's still a long delay on fraction overlays coming into the country, but I'm confident tama 1 should understand fractions without relying on manipulatives, but at least I've been made aware they're still having difficulties getting them into the country at this stage.

Tama 1 will easily have Delta completed by the end of the week as expected, so it'll just be a case of utilising whatever supplements until we get Epsilon.

Tamāhine 1 completed Lesson 26F (Gamma) today. I'm happy with her progress; she's getting the hang of everything which is great.

Tama 2 enjoyed working with Math Mammoth. I think tamāhine 1 and tama 2 had fun taking turns answering questions from the clock book, so we'll do some more tomorrow and see how they get on.

Geography and History lessons crossed over in today's lesson. We started to look at Mexico. On the map we had tama 2 find Mexico City, and also Chihuahua. The children were able to tell me that the official language is Spanish. We learned an interesting fact: Mexico City is the highest city in all of North America. So it's higher than the Mile-High city of Denver. Okay, skipping through the rest of the lesson, we got onto the subject of Mayan civilisation -- hence crossing into History. Our discussion about this era will be continued tomorrow and I'll try to add a little of our learning then. We at least learned they had a written langauge; more of a phonetic alphabet of hundreds of symbols as opposed to letters I think -- a sort of hieroglyphic text. We also learned that Mayans came thousands of years before the Aztec civilisation, so just imagine the immense history of this land!?

Evening Update -->

I'm glad I got the workbooks bound...I won't have to worry about pages becoming misplaced this way; it makes for easier storage rather than bulky ringbinders AND it gives the impression of a REAL textbook -- just because it's in compact form, LOL. There's 66 pages (well, 33 back-to-back), and the cost per binding was $3.79. So all up, it's about $15.00 for two very exetensive textbooks.

Pleased with this purchase. I think it's good value.

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ka kite ano

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