Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hmm, could a timetable be developing?

Okay, today we did Social Studies this afternoon. We had a lesson on the Chilean Miners. We looked at the map to find Chile; where the mine itself is; and locate the countries that helped towards the rescue, eg drill bits from Pennsylvania, America, a drill machine from South Africa, another powerful drill from Canada, video technology from Japan so the miners could keep in touch with the "outside" world etc ....

Once we finished that segment of class, the kids sat up at the computers and took turns reading from Youngzine:
Following the readings, tama 1 carried on reading some of the other articles at Youngzine and we found an interesting one about a newly discovered language called Koro. The kids were fascinated by the word because of course in Māori, koro means grandfather or term of address for an elderly man. The article also said that every 14 days a language dies. Wow! That seems pretty unreal huh?! Although more than 7000 languages are spoken around the world, it's rather frightening to think languages are dying.

This also sparked a conversation about te reo Māori. Tama 1 and I spoke about what we've heard on the news recently -- there are a number of Māori who say that the language is dying out, even though incentives are already in place to promote the language, it is believed that this is not enough and that te reo Māori is very much in danger of being lost. I've heard this one thrown around for years and it's sad that the sitaution doesn't seem to have changed enough. Obviously we're not the only country facing this dilemma...

Handwriting -- perfect. In three days everyone's handwriting has improved before my eyes.

Math -- One page each for math today because we had a pleasant break with Uncle Warrick who popped in with some morning tea. Yay! That was a perfect surprise indeed.

For tama 2's reading, we headed over to We Give Books. Here's what he read:

I Knew I Could by Craig Dorfman has a cute message relevant to not only children but adults too { I think } ... to realise anything is possible if you just put your mind to it! Significant timing in my life at this moment.

Geography -- { The plan is to hold short geography lessons on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.} I'm thinking short 15-30 minute lessons to try and keep tama 2's attention and interest. Tamāhine 1 and tama 1 are really enjoying the lessons, but today I think today they'd have been happier to keep going. Tama 2 on the other hand was happy to rest up. Kei te pai e tama.

If someone were to ask me what style of homeschooling we use, I would have to say it's definitely eclectically classical, or classically eclectic -- whichever way you wanna say it. In my heart I wanted to be Charlotte Mason-y and don't get me wrong, I'm still a big fan, but the way our homeschool is evolving, then I'd have to say we've steered more towards classical. The only part I'm CM with is sending the kids outside as much as I can to enjoy the outside and explore { lol.} But hey, I'm okay with the style we're following. If anything I'm hoping to tweek it enough to finally have a timetable I'm happy with.

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  1. Hi, i am Sri, the technical founder of Youngzine (, the online newsmagazine you reviewed with your kids for Social Studies. Thanks for posting about the site - We love how reading some of the articles lead to meaningful discussions with the kids, and increased their global awareness.

    We would love your feedback on the site - we started this because we felt the same need for our 11-year old son, so it's a labor of love for us.

    Sri & Deepa