Saturday, 23 October 2010


This morning, as I was checking emails etc something got me to thinking and one thing led to another. I turned to tama 1 asking, "who was the (US) President we read about in The 39Clues?" ...

Then I made a big mistake, "Was it Ben Franklin?" Oh boy! I got shot down real quick by tama 1.

"He was never President of the United States. He was an Ambassador and one of the Founding Fathers."

To which his dad said, "Well, who knew?"

"I did!" Tama 1 said confidently.

Even though I've learned never to doubt what tama 1 says he knows, I couldn't help myself but to Google it. I wanted to be right and him to be wrong. Okay, so maybe I should've known, I mean, even though we're not American and our country is thousands of kilometres away, we did study American History at school and in today's world you can't help but learn more about America, but heck, was I really wrong that Benjamin Franklin wasn't a President?

Well, as usual tama 1 was 100% correct. I whisphered to his dad that tama 1 was quite right and he laughed -- a real belly laugh -- neither of us knowing quite what to say!!!

... It reminded me of the description I wrote about myself when joining a forum yesterday, "I'm enjoying being taught by my children." This morning's five minute lesson is a perfect example!!

Tino pai e tama.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

nota bene: I didn't really want to blog this out of embarrassment; worried any readers in America would think I'm not very bright. But I reminded myself, this blog is not about me, it's about education. It's about how we learn and what we learn -- that includes ME !!!

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