Friday, 22 October 2010

Completely OT: Online Gym

For the past month or two now I've been trying to build up my fitness. I don't care for gym memberships, so it's a case of doing my own exercising at home with the occasional walk in the Redwoods or around the lakefront when I get the chance.

I happened to mention my desire to lose weight and get fit again to a friend one day and not long thereafter I received the latest newsletter from ReachMe which had this in it:-

{ double click to get a better glance }

I emailed seeking permission to blog and I got the okay; just use the promotion code: Reach15.

What is WorkoutRightNow?

Well, it's an online gym for mums. By joining (which is free) you get:
  • Video and Audio workouts that change weekly
  • Articles, fitness guides and resources
  • A community section where you can find listings of local fitness groups, sports teams and clubs and fitness events for mums.
Here's what grabbed my attention: The workouts are quick and efficient and focus on post natal problem areas.

Amongst the WorkoutRightNow free resources are a BMI calculator and even a video sample (you just need to have Microsoft Silverlight) and I guess as time goes on they'll increase these resources. Being a relatively new enterprise, it will all depend on numbers, interest and promotion to get more things up and running on there. For me, it's better than facing a "live" gym. If I can get some sort of shape back, and drop to my goal weight size then I'll be happy.

I'll at least try the 15 day free trial and see what happens. I don't think I could afford to pay for a premium membership at the minute. I just paid for tama 1's next Math-U-See text which hit the wallet. It's a case of having to spend it on his education before indulging myself on fitness fees. Tama 1 is only a matter of two or three days away from finishing Delta and then he's ready to head straight into Epsilon. At this level, you not only need to buy the teacher's manual and DVD, but the Student Text AND the fraction overlays. All up it's just over $180. Yowza! I would've bought an Alpha Student text for tama 2, and a Delta text for tamāhine 1, but throwing an extra $100 on there just didn't tickle my fancy today. So no, I won't be paying for any premium memberships at WorkRightNow just yet. But I think it's a great idea and wanted to share. I'll be using what I can and mixing it in with the exercise equipment I have at home here.

If you're wanting to get fit and lose a little weight before summer, then take a look... what the heck!

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nota bene: I haven't forgotten to blog about school today; I'm working on it right now. Hopefully I'll get a post done tonight to share with y'all.

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