Friday, 29 October 2010

Closing off the week's lessons

As I sat down to breakfast -- without even having my first sip of coffee -- Tama 1 turns to me and says, "mummy, do you know that jelly is viscoelastic? ... actually, honey is viscoelastic too."

Say what?! I don't know how to spell it, let alone know what that means?!!!!

Crikey, after that lesson from our eight year old, I certainly had to question whether I was going to come up with something substantial to teach "him" today.

Honestly, he sure knows how to throw me a curve ball eh?! Viscoelastic!?! Oh my gosh!!! What kind of word is that in an eight year old's vocabulary?!

Don't ask me what it means because I had to use Wikipedia to try and figure it out myself. And look, if I was able to understand what the definition meant, then I would have quizzed him about it, but argh! I didn't even know what half of it meant!!!

So anyway, that was this morning...

In our History lesson this afternoon we used the following website to learn about an archaeological dig:
Çatalhöyük is an ancient city in Turkey, believed to be between 8,000 to 10,000 years old.
"Çatalhöyük means 'forked mound' and refers to the site's east and west mounds, which formed as centuries of townspeople tore down and rebuilt the settlement's mud-brick houses. No one knows what the townspeople called their home 9,000 years ago."
The website has many online activities and watching some of the tour videos really made me appreciate the extensive work and magnitude such excavations entail:-
LOADS to check out, so we'll try looking at it again another time.

Tama 2 found it a little challenging at times, but did his best to follow my explanations for as long as he could. After about 20 minutes, I suggested he take a rest and when he was ready, perhaps he might like to take a look at the Magic School Bus, "Shows and Tells" to try learning it from a different angle. Meanwhile, I had tama 1 and tamāhine 1 use our favourite toy - Google Earth to (1) locate Çatalhöyük and (2) look at the photos to see what connections they could make between the website and Google Earth. Tamāhine 1 immediately jumps up with enthusiasm, "that's the such-and-such picture .... look!" and she immediately draws our attention to the Çatalhöyük website. The two of them had fun exploring on their own while I worked with tama 2.

... Having started this blog post with a word called viscoelastic, I thought I'd finish with a light-hearted story to close off...

On the weekend, tama 2 went with his dad to see our postie. As they drove out of her driveway, tama 2 apparently asked his dad, "if Maylene's a postie, why does she need a post box?" Well, that was something we'd never thought about before eh?! Good question, e tama !!

{Fast forward to yesterday when our same postie popped round in the afternoon}

I told Maylene the story and she turned to tama 2 and explained, "well, I don't work Friday and Saturday, so I have to get my mail delivered to me just like you!"

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