Friday, 22 October 2010

After three years I think I've finally got a half-pie decent timetable!!

I haven't bought an Alpha student textbook for tama 2 yet. I'm not sure if I will -- time will tell. At the moment we have managed to sail through to the end of lesson 8 without it. This is how we did lesson 8:

I started writing the sentence questions on the board too, but he answered the first one as soon as he'd read it, so I flagged that time-consuming idea and simply had him read from the {used} textbook instead with me covering the answers.

We finished the week having completed lesson 8F. The main thing for tama 2 to learn is nine wants to be a ten etc which he'll learn next in lesson 9. Once he masters that we can jump ahead a little. I flicked to the subtraction lessons and he answered everything with ease so I've got a pretty good idea what and how we'll do the next few lessons. Depending how that pans out, we may get away with not buying an Alpha textbook for tama 2.

It's nearly the end of October, so I think it's important tama 2 stick with Alpha through to the end of this year. For me, one of the key things is to keep the kids confidence up. Although I know he can do a lot of the equations in the text, I will not skip ahead too much because as much as a child can know something now, they can quickly unlearn it if they move onto something else without practicing enough. { Nota Bene: I'm referring to our tamariki, not anyone else's.}
I snuck this photo as tama 1 helps his sister figure out a word question. He was working on Test 29 at the time, but he gladly turns to help his sister.

It's been months and months since the kids last used our front room (aka classroom.) But seeing as the sun beams through there first thing in the morning, I suggested the kids might like to use that room to work on their math lesson today.

Tama 1 aced his test, so he'll finish Delta without doubt next week. I mentioned in a previous post that I've ordered Epsilon, so with a bit luck, it will arrive just at the right time to roll over from one to t'other. It seems incredible that there's only two more textbooks for him to complete before he moves from the Lower Level to Upper Level MUS! That seems momentous to me -- okay, okay, so I'm jumping ahead of myself!! Yes, you're right, let's just focus where we're at and enjoy the fact he's about to move into Epsilon. How exciting to think he's about to study fractions. I'll have to do some major brushing up of fractions that's for sure.

Tamāhine 1 finished the week on Gamma lesson 26E. At the moment she's happy to do just one page, and that's fine by me. It's quite taxing on them to deal with larger multiplication equations so I think it's good she would prefer to work on one page. Aim to get the answers correct rather than stress you have more than one page to complete eh!?

Speaking of tamāhine 1, she worked on lowercase cursive handwriting today. Both tamāhine 1 and tama 1 practiced uppercase yesterday and the day before. We will work on lowercase again on Monday then go back to writing a sentence. She made a lovely effort of her letters so I'm really pleased we've moved her into cursive writing. I'm also glad I've chosen to print out sheets for them to use rather than me preparing them myself. Now that we have three tamariki working on handwriting, I need to utilise this method to save time -- especially when I see that my own writing looks too hurried on occasions simply because I'm trying to get it done for them.

This afternoon we had Language Arts. Tamāhine 1 and tama 1 practiced prepositions. Then we had tama 2 sit with us.

{ I don't expect tama 2 to participate in any great depth when it comes to the afternoon lessons. Reading, writing and arithmetic each morning remain tama 2's staple lessons, however, I'd now like him to sit up and join in as best as he can with our other lessons.}

Luckily tama 2 is an easy one to read to know he's had enough or doesn't understand. That's really helpful because I'm quickly aware when to say he can hop down and go play.

But hey, Tama 2 at least knows there are nine parts of speech!!!!

He may not be able to tell me what a noun is just yet, or even understand what "nine parts of speech" really means, but that's not important. He's at least locked that bit of information into his brain, which is a terrific start. The seed has been sown, so let's watch it grow.

The final lesson of the day was geography. We used Google Earth as an aid to review some of the places we'd discussed this week. { We were meant to look at all the places we studied this week, but you'll read shortly that didn't happen, lol.}

I think we will try to do this (ie use Google Earth) every Friday. It's brilliant how you can zoom in so close, and click on photos people have included to give you a greater appreciation of whatever town, city, building etc you're wanting to discuss.

We ended up getting very distracted after a while and the kids spent much longer than necessary flying around the world looking at anything and everything. Tama 1 went to Egypt, looked at photos of the sphinx, pyramids and so much more. Then (no surprise!) he found the Rotorua Airport and scrutinised every detail he could.

But, we at least looked at Juneau, Alaska and Vancouver, Canada like I wanted. As for the other places, well, I guess we'll just have to check them out over the weekend. I encouraged the kids to find whatever they wanted with Google Earth. After all, that's why I wanted to introduce it into our lessons. Many of the things we'd be discussing would be ho-hum to tama 2 or simply over his head. With Google Earth I know he'll enjoy learning about the world this way.

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