Friday, 10 September 2010

Modern technology rocks

We celebrated tamāhine 2's birthday today but this short post isn't really about the birthday as such ...

... but there is the slightest of connections ...

This morning after birthday breakfast, I sat down to have a rest and decided to tap away on my [ new ] laptop. As per usual, I skyped with my brother Craig. The first thing he said was, "Good morning, good morning, good morning. It's a wonderful morning this morning." At that stage Rotorua wasn't as sunny. So to show me how lovely it was, he sent this photo from his phone:-
The kids came over to have a look, and when I explained Uncle Craig had sent it as he walked to catch the pahi to mahi, I ended up having quite a conversation with tama 2, explaining Uncle Craig walks from the house to the bus stop (or train station too, of course) and takes public transport to mahi.

This sparked an interesting chat about the different methods people take to go to work...

I also asked Craig to send a photo of his bus so tama 2 had a clearer understanding.
With this photo, Craig pointed out that there's a new part being built for the School of Biological Sciences on the left. The bigger kids could remember the buildings very well so again, we spoke about aspects of familiarity from this photo also.

So, the connection to tamāhine2's birthday? A very small one, but it is there ... with the aide of modern technology, Uncle Craig was able to say hari huritau ki a tamāhine 2 and hold a geography lesson while he was at it.

Anyway, I'm off to eat my piece of chocolate cake with a jolly nice cup of coffee...

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ka kite ano

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