Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kids celebrate reaching their goals

The kids weren't the least bit bothered they were missing out on the last day(s) of the NZ Math Challenge. We decided to set individual goals which more than satisfied them.

Not bothered? How's that then?

Because they were keen to get up to Auckland.

All hopes of getting away by 10 at the absolute latest were dashed. We didn't get away until 11am on Saturday which threw out our plans for an activity that day, so we simply got up to Auckland, found a motel, and then relaxed with Uncle Craig who came to visit us at Best Western Great South Road Motel. Whaiāipo and I were really pleased with the adjoining rooms we scored at a fabulous rate -- the three big kids thought they were just the bees knees having a room to themselves.

So, on to Sunday ...

Our day at MOTAT was fantastic. Five hours whizzed by before we knew it. We could so easily have spent even longer there, but everyone was pleased with what we achieved.

As expected, a lot of time and attention was centred on all displays relating to flight!!!

We stopped to watch what we thought would be a short video on Jean Batten. As fantastic as it was, we didn't know how long it was going to take, so we had to make the executive decision after ten minutes to push on because we'd basically only just started and there being so much to get around, time was of the essence. One exciting piece of information about Jean Batten that you may wish to know is that she was born and bred right here in good ol' Rotorua.
The old school house was a hoot. I like the tall desks and chairs to the right-hand side.
It wasn't until afterwards that I thought I should've taken a photo looking toward the blackboard.

It was fun though to have a little role play with Craig ...
One thing on our To Do List was to take a ride on the tram to the Aviation Centre.

It was well after 3 by the time we finished, and we hadn't had any lunch yet. So we headed back to Aunty Adelaide's. By the time we got there and had kai, we knew it was too late to go anywhere else... oh well, we shall simply plan another weekend away soon.

►►| Today we received our groceries.
The boxes were quickly transformed into MOTAT trams and trains.
Because it was raining today I felt pleased the kids entertained themselves for hours with boxes pretending to be tram and train drivers at MOTAT.

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