Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mid-week with math challenge

The NZ Maths Challenge is different from World Maths Day. The NZ Maths Challenge is held on the Mathletics platform and all points are counted towards the total.

It’s 10 points for every correct Practice (curriculum) question and one point for each point in Live Mathletics. Your child can change their own levels in Live Mathletics.
Monday the kids wanted to use "Live Mathletics." Initially they played separate games for warm-up practice. Then, as soon as they felt ready, tama 1 and tamāhine 1 joined tama 2 on Level 1. I sat back as they called out, "one, two, three, CLICK!" and we all watched anxiously to see if they were placed into the same game.

FOUR times we had the Romankids Homeschool Academy competing against each other. How exciting to see them compete against each other.

{ Luckily I had had a nice talk to the kids about competing and asked the bigger two if they would be okay if tama 2 won against them. I knew they would be, but it's important to keep everyone's confidence in check, huh? }

  1. All three Romankids were pitted against students from Pitt Island School. { I wasn't going to use such a corny pun as I'm sure the locals of Pitt Island are sick of hearing it, sorry, but I guess it's one way to promote the Island just in case any overseas homeschooling readers wish to look up the island's whereabouts }. According to the school website there are eight students, and our kids have played against at least three of them - so far.
  2. (Closer to home this time) - Romankids Homeschool Academy were up against students from Rotorua Intermediate School. I decided to look them up on the web too! But not to find where they're located - hardly !! -> we drive past Rotorua Intermediate when we go to nana and koro's !! No, I looked them up because I'm thinking, "What the hey? Our 5 year old is playing kids at intermediate level? What's the story?!"
    This wasn't the only intermediate school they were paired with, but it was this particular school which grabbed my attention and had me asking why he - well "they" actually - are being matched against older kids.
At first tama 2 wasn't too thrilled to see other kids gaining 50, 60, 70 points. But with plenty of encouragement from his siblings and myself, and in true tama 2 fashion, he was head down bum up, determined to improve himself.

By day's end, all three Romankids had improved their scores! Tama 2 went from a high score of mid-30's to suddenly gaining 49, 51, 52 and then 54. Tama 1 also jumped up, reaching a high of 55. Tamāhine 1 has a high of 49 at the minute, and she's quite okay about that, which is all that matters.

They had such a ball playing and competing with themselves that I didn't push too hard for them to concentrate on the regular curriculum material. Besides, the weather was so glorious, I made sure they had plenty of fresh air and not just math, math, math.

Their overall totals aren't up there with the top 100 - { yet } - but nobody's too bothered. They are enjoying the experience and are giving it their all when they participate. Plenty more days ahead so we're hoping for more record high scores.

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