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Okay, the other day I mentioned TOGA, right? Well, after chatting to my brother on good ol' Skype last night, I thought I'd add this little diddy as well.

I can recall the first time we learned the word, "pugno", which means, "I fight." I said aloud to the children, "I wonder if a pug dog comes from the word pugno? (NB pugno is not pronounced with a hard g, more like p-oo-ng-oh. I was simply considering the connection with the spelling.) Anyway, fast forward to my conversation with Craig last night.

We were chatting away when - for whatever whacky reason - my brother sent me the following YouTube clip:

I giggled and explained to him what it reminded me of and so began a discussion of pug dogs, pugnacious, pugilist etc.

Well, this morning I thought I'd do a quick search to confirm my thoughts and I came across the following explanation from this link:

Looking for the origin of "pug" leads us on a merry chase. First stop is the Old English word "pocca," which meant "bag" and gave us "pocket," "pock" (plural "pox," as in chickenpox), "pucker" and "poke," what not to buy a pig in. Another offshoot was the word "puck," which meant elf or goblin. Originally a small but frightening demon, "puck" eventually led to "pug," which was used as a term of endearment for anything or anyone of small stature, including dogs or noses. In fact, before pug dogs made their appearance, a "pug" could be anything from a child to a monkey to a ship's cabin boy. However, "pug" as a slang term for "boxer" is not related, being short for "pugilist," from the Latin word for boxer, "pugil."
So there is a connection between "pug" the dog and "pug" the nose, but tread carefully explaining it to the next pug-nosed person you meet, lest you awaken their pugilist nature.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is: the children and I are enjoying learning the origins of words and asking ourselves what derivatives we can think of as we progress in our studies.

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