Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Latin Lessons

Before I get started, I must mention that our Greek has gone on hold because I am looking at buying a different curriculum. I'm not sure when I'll be in a position to buy that just yet, but it's a definite thing all the same. The Koine Greek we have, is just too advanced for this dodo. I am quite sure we can utilise it further down the track, but it almost feels like it's set for intermediate learners. I need a real nuts-and-bolts, right-back-to-the-absolute-beginning type curriculum.

I found it really difficult to source foreign language material. Wait a second, let me quantify that sentence. I have found it difficult to find foreign language courses developed specifically for homeschoolers/parents/teachers with no previous experience or knowledge in teaching a foreign language.

When it comes to Greek, I feel that Koine has missed an important step (or ten) right at the beginning. It's like you do lessons 1-10 and then take a gigantic step to lesson 40 and you're sitting there scratching your head asking yourself what happened to the chunk in between.

But it's like everything else, I'm always up for new challenges, so I'll keep trying until I figure out what works for us. Maybe I didn't do my homework well enough when researching, but I'm determined I'll devise a curriculum that we can supplement with Koine.So, okay ... to Latin.

We've just completed Lesson 8 with our Prima Latina lessons and everything's going well so far.

I chose the above clip from our lesson on purpose. Luck/fortune/fortunate has specific meaning in my family - from seven years ago in fact, so I thought it prudent to highlight our lessons with this particular word.

Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 enjoy the lessons we have which scares me a bit. What happens if I get stumped with Latin like I did with Greek? It's easy to feel confident that I've got good resources, but in the back of my mind, I still second-guess myself. I don't want to stop Latin because I can't figure it out myself! If I understood Koine Greek, I know I wouldn't be concerning myself with such needless worry, so it's a case of concentrating on what we're doing, keep enjoying it and move forward each week.

We may not have a huge list of vocab up our sleeve {yet} but what vocabulary and derivatives we do have, we keep practicing and finding ways to use them in our daily activities. Whether it's referring to cena at the mensa (dinner at the table) or simply reviewing nouns and verbs to recognise endings, it feels neat to be learning with the kids. I'm quite sure that with our very vocal practicing and singing, the little kids will pick up things too. I look forward to hearing their little voices chiming in at some point.

We've got two prayers under our belts now (well, the second one isn't "quite" committed to memory as well as the first, but all in good time eh?!)

So, am I glad we're doing Latin? Darn tootin' I am. I enjoyed what I learned with my own lessons all those years ago, so I'm thrilled to have another shot at it. It's not for everyone, but for our family, this is what fits us. Our kids love it. I just hope I can re-establish Greek sooner rather than later, too.

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  1. I enjoy your blog very much. You are giving your children such a wonderful education.
    My two sons are 3.5 and 1.5. It is unlikely that I'll homeschool them, but I have a strong interest in education.