Thursday, 22 July 2010

Injecting the love of reading

I feel I'm spending too much time on the computer in the mornings lately that I need to "break the cycle," so I will [try to] spend but a brief moment sharing what books the children have read in recent weeks.

First up is Madame Pamplemousse and her Incredible Edibles. Tamāhine 1 enjoyed this story. There were a number of words and culinary terms which were understandably difficult for her, but the story itself held her attention. This book I had her read aloud so that I could assist with explaining the tricky terminology.
I picked up the next set of six books for a very cheap price a few months back and I'm glad I bought them for tamāhine 1 because she read them in her free reading time each day. She managed to read one book per day. The vocabulary is very simple so she managed to read the books in their entirety on her own. Tamāhine 1 couldn't wait to finish one book in order to read the next. So, six books read in six days!
The main character, Delphie, is given a pair of magical red ballet shoes. At any given moment, they will sparkle and when she slips them on, she is carried off to the land of Enchantia - the land where the different characters from all the different ballets live. On each adventure she helps fix a problem in the land. Aimed at 5-8 year olds, these books are a delightful read for any little girl.

The next set of books I bought (again, I got a bargain) were intentioned for tama 2 a little later when he's ready for chapter books. Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 decided to read them when we went up to Kirikiriroa last Wednesday. They'd read them before we even got home!!!
I chose the Geronimo books because they connect to some of our geography lessons, eg Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. The books have a cute twist to teaching children little details. I like the way they use different fonts to emphasise words. A neat way to captivate a child's attention I figure.

Okay, the last two books are tama 1's reading. He's read a lot of Roald Dahl books now, and I'm not sure if I've left any off from previous posts. I hope not!

He read Matilda in a matter of days. I enjoy him reading Roald Dahl aloud. We laugh so much it's brilliant.
The following book I have held for a while and I've been waiting, and waiting, to find the right time for tama 1 to start reading it.

Finally, he's picked it up after I finished reading it. [ I personally "think" he was put off by the skulls ... but I'm just guessing. ]
If anyone has heard of The 39 Clues, you'll know there's a worldwide competition involved and that the above book is the first in a series of ten. Each book is written by a different author. I read the first book and loved it. This is my kind of book!!! I decided that if tama 1 doesn't enjoy it then that's okay, I'll still read the lot of them.

We signed up online and tama 1 is part of the Ekaterina branch of the Cahill family. I can't really give away too much of the story because tama 1 has only read the first four chapters. My subtle way of leaving the book lying around in the hopes of him becoming curious to read, finally paid off. He started reading and as he got to the third chapter he announced to me that he likes it. Yay! ... But as I said to him, if he doesn't like it, kei te pai. I just want him to "try" a different genre, that's all. Besides, we can still have fun doing things online with the story anyway!

So, there you have them. That's the bulk of the books to date.

I'm loving the children sitting down to read alone because it's been a great method of encouragement for tama 2 to study his phonics. He's making great strides. It seems like an eternity ago now when his speech was all but non-existent and my concerns for him to speak were at the forefront of my mind. I held on to my blind bit of faith that he would come to it in his own time. And he did. Now look at him! He's picking things up so quickly and easily, it's taught me to stop listening to others who concern themselves with "milestones." What a load of twaddle: but I'll stop myself from ranting before it's too late! My opinion is simply that - MY opinion. I have difficulty with anybody or any institution who try telling me what to do. Shoosh! Maree, that's enough, (hee hee).

My next "challenge" is tamāhine 2. She really is a totally different kettle of fish. A bigger challenge than tama 2 ever was. Her speech reminds me of tama 2 ... small, quiet and nearly non-existent. However, where tama 2 differed was in his ability to socially interact. My little tamāhine 2 chooses to be a loner. As I said to Radiant Journey the other day, I respect the fact that she's a loner and chooses to be who she is and where she is at this time in her little life. I have experience on my side that she will come right in her own good time. God has blessed me with my little one and He will guide me on how to help her.

That's enough personal detail. I'm really trying to stand strong to my "keep it only to schooling" on this blog! But in a way, it is relevant to learning. It shows that I face my own kind of learning challenges.

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  1. Glad you made enough computer time to write a post Maree. For what it is worth I think your comments regarding the different learning styles and needs of each of your children is totally relevant to their education. It's all part of why we homeschool. So our children can be recognised as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses regardless of their siblings. As a mum you are recognising them and acting on them. It takes a lot of strength to that at times esp when dealing with advice from well meaning onlookers.