Monday, 26 July 2010

Everything and everyone is precious to me

I have been reminded in recent weeks just how precious each day is, and how precious I must value the wonderful family and friends in my life.

Two major car accidents, in as many weeks, involving teenagers from our area has been frightening news. One of the passengers involved in the first tragic accident, is a relation. As I read my local newspaper (online) I saw the name so I scanned the article quickly and learned he was one of the "lucky" ones. By the time family were able to relay information to me, he had undergone three operations!

The second accident happened just last week as I sat Skyping my big brother in Kuwait. I remember commenting to my brother, "gosh there goes another siren ... and another." Tama 2 and tama 3 were in the front room, reporting how many fire trucks, police and ambulance raced by. It worried me, because I knew from the number of emergency services going past that it was a bad accident. The fact that their sirens were turned off just as they passed our house scared me even more. There have been a number of fatal accidents on this stretch of highway: but they've been at least 7-10 kms from here. This particular day, the fatal accident was less than 2 kms from our home. I didn't know the teenagers involved in that particular accident, but my neighbours did. I spoke at length to one particular neighbour offering my support and condolences. It is so sad to think such young lives have been taken. All one can do, is look at one's children and want to wrap them up in cotton wool.

Then I learn of a beautiful, beautiful friend of mine who has a crisis within her family. My friend is a such a wonderful mother; I always commented just how great a mother she was and hoped I could do just as good a job with our children. Then my friend moved away and we weren't in daily contact anymore. Emails became sporadic and then suddenly I had one bounce back. "Strange?" I thought, but figured she would be in touch with a new email at some point. Well, isn't it amazing how long time will pass before something brings you back together again? ► ►► (do you like my fast forward sign, lol!!) Let's use it again ...

►►► I managed to find my friend ... pure and utter luck ... but I found her. And I learned some sad news. No wonder I hadn't heard from her. My poor friend has had to contend with her youngest daughter becoming heavily involved in the world of drugs. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS. It didn't add up. She had a wonderful upbringing, loving parents (okay, granted they'd divorced years ago, but they had always parented their children with respect for each other), so what on earth went wrong??My heart just sank with sorrow for my friend, her daughter, their entire family and widespread friends. I don't know what will happen for them now, but I am blessed that God found a way for me to be in touch again to offer my support (and shoulder). Again, I want to wrap our children in cotton wool.

And then, just a few days back, I felt compelled to write to someone to share prayers and thoughts for their situation. The woman to whom I wrote, is facing a similar financial crisis to what myself and my darling whaiāipo went through (with one major difference). There have been very few times in which I will wear my heart on my sleeve, to share with someone (if just a portion of) our life as it was back then. This woman's plight struck like a knife and I drew so many parallels to what her written words said. I chose not to reply publicly, but emailed her personally to say a lot more than, "my prayers are with you." I felt the need to take the time and outline what things were like, but more importantly, how we made it through. I won't go into detail, of course, but it was an occasion in which I looked at our children and thanked God for teaching me how to appreciate having them.

I never concerned myself with the physical toll of stress. I kept telling myself that my faith would get me through. Faith is a powerful thing, whether that be in a higher spiritual being, or simply faith in oneself that you are a good person and good things will emanate from your soul to help others. I never once allowed stress take over my life. I rose above it and remained steadfast in my belief, and God rewarded my family and me for our devotion as a family. He rewarded me with good health... which leads me to my final story.

As I awoke to another beautiful day today, I received devastatingly sad news. So my prayers and condolences are being offered up for someone else. Unfortunately, it is not public knowledge and therefore I must restrain myself from saying too much. But the news shook me so much, I again looked at my children and wanted to wrap them up in cotton wool and simply offer my grateful thanks to God for allowing me to be their mother.

My post today, is simply to say I give thanks to God for my life, for the lessons I have learned and for the guidance He always provides. My lesson of late is to communicate, appreciate and validate my friends and loved ones.

So, to all my friends and family, I love you all and thank you for being a part of my life. I wish you joy and happiness and always remember that distance may be between us, but you are always in my prayers.

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ka kite ano

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