Monday, 5 July 2010


Something arrived in today's mail today which prompted me to think of tamāhine 1's Congress drawing from yesterday's blog post.
Forms have been sent to households asking us to check our electoral details. I checked my form and as the details were correct, I was about to throw it in the fire when I thought, "wait a minute, this can be a lesson for the kids." So I yodeled out to the kids and we discussed [albeit briefly] the NZ Government and a little of the US Congress - making the connection using tamāhine 1's drawing.

Anyway, I'll skip past all the blah blah blahs and tell you this part ...

Tama 1 asked me if I knew how young a New Zealand Prime Minister could be ... "oh what?! ... um, no, I don't."

Tama 1 said, "well, I know that in America they have to be 35 years of age. They had to have been born in the US and lived in the US for 14 years."

Oh hang, which one of us is [meant to be] the teacher and which one of us is the student again?

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